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License for Film, Video and Photos on VTA Property

When a license is required:

The Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA) requires those who wish to film, videotape or shoot still photos on VTA property while engaged in a commercial, non-profit activity or for educational purposes to have a license to film, video, or photograph. VTA External Affairs Department issues licenses. VTA charges a fee based on the scope of the filming; the fee includes staff time as indicated in the Permit Fee Schedule (see below). Proof of liability insurance will be required prior to license approval. A VTA staff member will escort those without a license off VTA property.

When a license is not required:

Non-commercial, personal use photography and news media are exempt from the requirement to obtain a license. If you are a paying passenger, then there is no specific prohibition to taking photographs in areas that are accessible to the public provided you do not interfere with passenger movement, appear to be a security threat, or involved in a commercial activity.

However, if you are taking photographs in an unauthorized area or are involved in a commercial enterprise, VTA staff or security may ask you to identify yourself and possibly escort you off VTA property if your activity requires a license.

If you require a license:

Download the Application to Film/Photograph, Insurance and Other Requirements and Application to Film/Photograph Request (see below).

  • Complete the application completely; please provide details of the activity including date and location of filming requested, number of filming crew, equipment used, etc.
  • Email or fax your application to or fax to (408) 321-7537.
  • The approval process takes up to 10 days from receipt of application.
  • A fee will be determined based on your specific filming request.
  • VTA will not issue licenses until all fees are paid in full and a copy of your insurance certificate is received.