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MV to Lockheed Bus Bridge Aug 1 and 2

Mountain View Light Rail Double Track Project 
Construction Update
Tuesday, July 28, 2015

MV to Lockheed Bus Bridge August 1 and 2

There will be no light rail service between the Mountain View and Lockheed light rail stations during this time. Instead, substitute bus service will be provided. 

Two “bus bridges” will be offered. The first is a direct,” non-stop” bus bridge between the two stations. Riders departing from Mountain View should arrive approximately 15 minutes early to use this service. Riders switching to the “non-stop” bus bridge service at Lockheed will arrive in Mountain View approximately 15 minutes later than typical. 

In addition, an “all stops” bus bridge will be offered and it will make stops at each affected light rail station, including Lockheed, Moffett Park, Bayshore, Middlefield, Whisman and Mountain View.

Riders utilizing the “all stops” bus bridge to travel toward the Lockheed Station should arrive approximately 20 minutes earlier than listed on the light rail schedule. Those travelling toward Mountain View will arrive at their destinations up to 20 minutes later than regularly scheduled. 

This bus bridging is not expected to impact light rail service schedules in other service areas. 

All day Saturday, August 1 and Sunday, August 2, 2015. 

Mountain View Double Track Project construction activities. 

More information: 02-3 bus bridge flyer-translated.pdf


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