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Call for Projects

For Information on any of these projects contact us at

 Lifeline Transportation
 OneBayArea Grant 
 PDA Planning Grant Program 
 Transportation Development Act (TDA) Article 3
 Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA)
 Bicycle Expenditure Plan (BEP)

Lifeline Transportation Program

Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) established this program to improve mobility for low-income residents of the nine San Francisco Bay Area counties. Funds are distributed to each county based on each county's proportional share of Bay Area residents living in poverty.

In Santa Clara County, the Social Services Agency of the County of Santa Clara and VTA jointly administer the Lifeline Transportation Program. A Joint Lifeline Transportation Committee solicits, reviews, and recommends projects to the VTA Board, the County Board of Supervisors and MTC.

For Cycle 4, the Lifeline program funds come from the federal FTA Section 5307 Jobs Access and Reverse Commute (JARC) and State Transit Assistance (STA). The preliminary projections of the competitive amounts to be programmed are: $1,937,427 (JARC) and $6,771,361 (STA). Amounts are subject to change by MTC. Cycle 4 covers three years of funding (FY2013-14 through FY2015-16).

General information on Lifeline Transportation Program is available at MTC's Website.

To access the Cycle 4 Lifeline application and supporting documents, please click on the link below.

Project Applications Deadline
Date: Thursday, January 15, 2015​
Time: 4:00 PM
Kaine Jones
County of Santa Clara | Social Services Agency
333 W. Julian Street
San José, CA 95110-2335​​

Faxed and late applications will not be accepted

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OBAG Program

About The Program
MTC's framework for programming 2013-2016 Surface Transportation Program (STP), Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) and Transportation Alternatives (TA) funds is called the "OneBayArea Grant” Program (OBAG).

OBAG funds for each county are determined by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC).

The OneBayArea Grant Program is a new funding approach that better integrates the region’s federal transportation program with California’s climate law (Senate Bill 375, Steinberg, 2008) and the Sustainable Communities Strategy. Funding distribution to the counties considers progress toward achieving local land-use and housing policies by:

  • Rewarding jurisdictions that accept housing allocations through the Regional Housing Need Allocation (RHNA) process and produce housing using transportation dollars as incentives.
  • Supporting the Sustainable Communities Strategy for the Bay Area by promoting transportation investments in Priority Development Areas (PDAs) and by initiating a pilot program that will support open space preservation in Priority Conservation Areas (PCA).
  • Providing a higher proportion of funding to local agencies and additional investment flexibility by eliminating required program investment targets. The OBAG program allows flexibility to invest in transportation categories such as Transportation for Livable Communities, bicycle and pedestrian improvements, local streets and roads preservation, and planning activities, while also providing specific funding opportunities for Safe Routes to School (SR2S) and Priority Conservation Areas.  

The 2013 OBAG call for projects is now closed. VTA staff does not have the next call-for-projects release date at this time.

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PDA Planning Grant Program​

PDA Planning Grant Program​

MTC has directed that each CMA design its' Priority Development Area (PDA) planning program to emphasize and support growth in housing, employment, and transportation within its' PDAs. In accordance with this direction, VTA staff has developed a PDA Planning Grant program with the goal of enabling transit-oriented housing and employment growth in Santa Clara County’s PDAs. The PDA Planning Program is an initiative to fund comprehensive planning in PDAs that will result in intensified land uses around public transit hubs and bus and rail corridors in Santa Clara County.

The purpose of the PDA Planning Grants is to provide local jurisdictions with assistance in planning and creating vibrant places with adequate housing for all income levels, a mix of uses, access to jobs, and multi-modal transportation infrastructure. VTA envisions that these grants will help local jurisdictions enhance their planning activities to enable developments in the planned or potential PDAs.

Detailed information and forms can be found here:

Project Applications Due
Tuesday, September 15, 2015​
Time: 4:00 PM
To: Celeste Fiore
       408.321.5693 and
       Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
       3331 North First Street, Bldg. B2
       San Jose, CA 95134​​
Faxed and late applications will not be accepted

TDA Article 3 Program

The 2014 TDA Article 3 call for projects is now closed. VTA staff anticipates the next call will be March 2015.

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TFCA County Program Manager Fund

The County Program Manager Fund is a part of the Transportation Fund for Clean Air (TFCA) grant program, which is funded by a $4 surcharge on motor vehicles registered in the Bay Area. The Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) administers these funds in the nine-county Bay Area. Funds are available for allocation to alternative fuels, arterial management, bicycle, and trip-reduction projects that reduce vehicle emissions.
BAAQMD returns 40% of TFCA funds to the county in which they are collected for allocation by a “program manager.” This fund is called the TFCA Program Manager Fund (TFCA 40%). VTA is the program manager for Santa Clara County and project sponsors apply directly to VTA for funding. The VTA Board of Directors allocates these funds to projects in Santa Clara County, subject to approval by BAAQMD. To be approved by BAAQMD, all TFCA projects must conform to BAAQMD's board-adopted policies, cost-effectiveness requirements, which are explained in the “County Program Manager Fund Expenditure Plan Guidance.” 

Public agencies in Santa Clara County can apply for TFCA County Program Manager funds through VTA. At the discretion of VTA, non-public entities may also be eligible to apply for these funds, but only for certain clean air vehicle projects. Detailed information and an application form can be found here:

Project Applications Due:
Date:   Friday, March 6, 2016
Time:  4:00 PM
To:      Bill Hough
            408.321.5735 and
            Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority
            3331 North First Street, Bldg B2
            San Jose, CA  95134​​
Faxed and late applications will not be accepted

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VERBS Program

The Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) created a funding program Climate Initiative Safe Routes to School Program that focuses on reducing greenhouse gases (GHG) by promoting walking, biking, transit, and carpooling to school. Each county receives federal Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ) funds based on local total school enrollment.

The VTA Board of Directors established the Vehicle Emissions Reductions Based at Schools (VERBS) program to distribute these funds. This program funds both infrastructure and non-infrastructure projects.

Current Call-for-Projects

The 2013 VERBS call for projects is now closed. VTA staff does not have the next call-for-projects release date at this time.

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Bicycle Expenditure Program (BEP)

The Bicycle Expenditure Plan (BEP) was first adopted in 2000 by the VTA Board of Directors as the funding mechanism for countywide bicycle projects. The BEP is the bicycle element of the Valley Transportation Plan, Santa Clara County’s Long Range Transportation Plan. It allocates approximately $165 million to fund 80 bicycle projects for the projected 2010-2035 time period.

Current Call-for-Projects

The 2013 BEP call for projects is now closed. VTA staff does not have the next call-for-projects release date at this time.

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