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Projects, Studies and Programs: Environmental Impact Reports and Documents

Final Environmental Impact Report


Date Description  
April 2005 Volume I - EIS/EIR Text (pdf) (14.6MB)
April 2005              Volume II - Comments and Responses on Draft EIS/EIR (pdf) (50.7MB)
April 2005         Volume III - Appendices (pdf) (45.6MB)

Final Supplemental Environmental Impact Report

Date Description                                                                                   
April 2007            Volume I - Comments and Responses to Comments (pdf) (7.1MB)
April 2007              Volume II - Appendices (pdf) (17.7MB)

Additional EIR Documents


Date Description                                                                        
June 2010 Revised Addendum to the SEIR (pdf)                                           (1.1MB)
December 2010   Categorical Exclusion (pdf) (341KB)

Additional Environmental Documents



January 2010 Coordination Plan For Agency And Public Involvement (pdf)    (1.16MB)
September 2009 Notice of Intent (pdf) (40KB)
September 2009 Scoping Information Packet (pdf) (148KB)
January 2010 Scoping Summary Report (pdf) (6.57MB)
January 2010 SEIS Annotated Outline (pdf) (33KB)
March 2011 Project Drawing: Cunningham Ave. to Quimby Road (pdf) (3.37MB)
March 2011 Project Drawing: Capitol Ave. to Ocala Ave. (pdf) (4.83MB)

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