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BART Transit Integration Plan

Share your thoughts about VTA connections to the new BART stations!

BART trains will be running to the Milpitas and Berryessa stations in Silicon Valley by 2017. VTA is creating a plan for how BART will work with VTA’s bus and light rail network – called the BART Transit Integration Plan.

VTA’s BART Transit Integration Plan will focus primarily on routes that the new BART stations will directly serve, either because they currently serve the Fremont BART station or because they serve areas near the future Milpitas and Berryessa stations. VTA will also study how its bus and light rail transit network functions as a whole with BART service. Finally, VTA will consider refinements to routes that have the potential to serve the stations and the design of possible new routes with market potential.

One possible new market is a new connector between the Berryessa BART station and downtown San Jose which VTA developed in an earlier study. The Integration Plan will incorporate the proposed new BART station connection, as well as investigate how the 522 Rapid will connect with the Berryessa BART station. VTA also has plans to provide new light rail service from Milpitas directly to Mountain View to serve passengers arriving at the Milpitas BART Station. Since the existing Great Mall Transit Center is located roughly one-half mile from the new Milpitas BART Station, the Plan will examine how these two transit centers will work together, or if the Milpitas BART station will replace the Great Mall Transit Center. The Plan will take into consideration coordinating with private shuttles to reduce service duplication, improving conditions for transit-dependent communities, and improving stop and station passenger facilities.

> Preliminary proposal for a Berryessa BART to Downtown San Jose connection

The Integration Plan process will take about 18 months, beginning in January 2014. Initially, the project team will study the current service and context that’s on the ground today. Then, we’ll begin actively soliciting input from the public on how we should adjust the VTA transit network to better serve these new BART stations.

VTA wants to hear from our current and future customers, as well as neighbors near these stations: how would you like to see us integrate BART into the Valley’s transportation network?  Feel free to send us your thoughts at any time to

For details about the routes we’re considering, visit our Schedules page.

These Express VTA bus routes currently serve the Fremont BART station: These routes are currently in the vicinity of the future Milpitas BART station: These routes are currently in the vicinity of the future Berryessa BART station: Project Fact Sheets - updated 10-16-2014
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