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BRT: El Camino Real BRT Project

About the Project

The El Camino Real Bus Rapid Transit Project would upgrade the 522 Rapid Bus Route on El Camino Real to Bus Rapid Transit status. Transit improvements could include conversion of two lanes of El Camino Real (one lane in each direction, adjacent to the median) into dedicated BRT lanes that would use median stations or to install curb bulbout stations at BRT stops, in which case, the BRT vehicle would operate in the right lane, with auto traffic. Existing 522 stations would be upgraded to more substantial, rail-like stations that feature weather protection, off-board fare payment, real-time next bus information and Clipper card tap stations. The project could also install bicycle lanes on El Camino Real in areas where there are dedicated BRT lanes, provided that the cities wish to do so.

As the 522 Rapid Bus does today, the 522 BRT route would travel from the Palo Alto Transit Center to the Eastridge Transit Center, traveling through Downtown San Jose. Around 26 BRT stations would be served along the way. The line 22 local bus, which makes all local stops, would continue to operate in the right lane, as it does today.

El Camino B R T Project Map

What's going on now?

VTA is currently conducting an environmental analysis for several project alternatives for the El Camino Real Bus Rapid Transit Project. Once the environmental analysis is completed-which is estimated to be around the spring/summer of 2014-VTA will release a Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR), which will be open to public review. For information about how the project got to this point, check out the project history page.

When/How is a project alternative selected?

After the DEIR is released, VTA's Board of Directors will select a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA)—that is, which version of the project they want to pursue, if they want to pursue the project at all. While this will be a VTA decision, it will be influenced by the cities along the corridor and Caltrans, the agency that owns El Camino Real north of I-880. As the owner of the street, Caltrans must approve any changes made by the BRT Project.

Project Schedule

Planning May 2010 - September 2014
Final Design December 2014 - September 2016
Construction March 2017 - August 2018
First Day of Service September 2018

Project Cost and Funding

The funding for the selected alternative for El Camino Real BRT will come from the Measure A Transit Improvement Program and FTA’s Small Starts Program.

El Camino Real Project Fact Sheet:
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How to reach us

For more information on the El Camino Real BRT Project or existing bus and light rail transit services, call VTA Community Outreach at (408) 321-7575, TTY only (408) 321-2330 or email