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Capitol Expressway Light Rail Project

Project Description

The Capitol Expressway Transit Improvement Project will transform Capitol Expressway into a multi-modal boulevard offering bus rapid transit (BRT), light rail transit, and safe connections to the regional transit system. The project includes the following phases:

Phase 1A includes pedestrian and bus improvements along Capitol Expressway which accommodates pedestrian access and improves safety. This phase of the project was completed in Fall 2012 and included new sidewalks, street lighting, and a landscaping buffer from Capitol Avenue to Quimby Road.


Phase I- Pedestrian and Safety Improvements on Capitol Expressway

Phase 1B,  is the reconstruction of the Eastridge Transit Center beginning August 2013 and took a bit under 2 years to complete. Improvements to the transit center will also support the future Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). Expansion of the transit center began with relocating Eastridge Loop Road. Once that was complete construction of the new transit center followed. The new center includes a new central walkway, a bike and pedestrian path, new landscaping with seat walls, new shelters with updated lighting and real time signage, and many more amenities. 

Phase 2 will extend light rail from the existing Alum Rock Light Rail Station to the Eastridge Transit Center. Light rail will operate primarily in the center of Capitol Expressway with elevated track structures crossing Capitol Avenue, Story Road, and Tully Road. The Eastridge extension will include three stations: Story, Ocala, and Eastridge.  Construction will be based on future funding.

Fact Sheets and Environmental Reports

Fact Sheet (English) pdf


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Project Status

  • In May 2005 and in August 2007, the VTA Board of Directors certified the Final Environmental Impact Report (EIR), and the Supplemental EIR, respectively, and approved the Light Rail Alternative.
  • In order to be eligible for federal funding, VTA is in the process of preparing an Environmental Impact Statement for the Light Rail Alternative.
  • Design plans for the light rail improvements and associated utility relocation plans and right-of-way mapping has been completed to a final design level.
  • The pedestrian improvement portion of the project along the expressway has been constructed prior to the completion of light rail. This work includes sidewalk and landscaping on Capitol Expressway between Capitol Avenue and Quimby Road.

Project Schedule

  • Obtain federal environmental clearance
Early 2016
  • Acquire property for bus improvements
Begin Fall  2010
  • Construction for pedestrian improvements
Completed Fall 2012
  • Reconfiguration/Construction of Eastridge Transit Center
Completed Spring 2015
  •  Construction for Light Rail
To be determined based on future funding