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Rapid 523 Project

Limited Stop 323 Upgrade Slated for Fall 2017

Based on current ridership demand in the Stevens Creek Corridor VTA is proposing to implement a Rapid 523 service as a near term improvement and early deliverable of the Stevens Creek BRT Project. The Rapid 523 service would replace the Limited 323 and will follow the example of VTA’s Rapid 522 implemented in 2005.  

The Rapid 523 project will improve travel time, enhance the passenger waiting area and look at opportunities to encourage more walking and bicycling in the corridor. The goal of the project is to design a compelling, attractive service that will build ridership for future Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) implementation. The Rapid 523 project is focused on providing an enhanced service that will serve the Berryessa BART Station when it opens in Fall 2017 and in coordination with the BART Transit Integration Plan create the service plan between Berryessa BART and De Anza College.   

VTA also plans to work with City of San Jose, Santa Clara and Cupertino to help achieve their goals of transforming the Stevens Creek corridor into a multi-modal street, that improves safety for bicycles, pedestrians and connections to transit. VTA will work in partnership with the cities to identify ways to improve streetscapes around stations such as connecting sidewalks and bicycle lanes, adding landscaping and pedestrian lighting, and reducing the length of pedestrian crossings.
Currently VTA is implementing Transit Signal Priority on the Limited 323, and the Rapid 523 planning effort will identify additional travel time improvements that can speed up transit in VTA’s second highest ridership corridor (23 & 323). The Rapid 523 project creates an opportunity for VTA to implement its Transit Passenger Environment Plan (TPEP), providing high quality bus stop environments that enhance the transit experience and speed up boarding, which helps to reduce overall travel times. The final plan will also include a proposal for branding and marketing of the service that would include ways to distinguish the service similar to the branding of Rapid 522. The preliminary schedule for the Rapid 523 project is shown below. 

Rapid 523 Project Schedule

Activity Start Date End Date
Preliminary Planning Fall 2014 Fall 2015
Final Design Fall 2015 Fall 2016
Construction Fall 2016 Late 2017
First Day Service   Late 2017*

*Opening of the Berryessa BART station. 

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