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Transit Ridership Improvement Program


The Transit Ridership Improvement Program is an agency-wide effort to increase ridership on VTA and improve VTA's operating revenue. It consists of multiple efforts that aim to make public transit faster, more frequent and more useful for Santa Clara County travelers.

VTA's Next Network

In the fall of 2017, BART service will begin to the new stations at Milpitas and Berryessa. These stations do not currently have adequate VTA transit service and VTA’s transit network will need to be redesigned to better connect to BART.  This creates an opportunity to address other issues like VTA’s flagging ridership and declining farebox rate. VTA’s Next Network will undertake an extensive community engagement process throughout the summer of 2016 to ask how we can make our transit service more useful.

Learn more about VTA's Next Network.

Light Rail Efficiency Project

The Light Rail Efficiency Project consists of a number of physical and service improvements to VTA’s light rail system designed to increase travel speeds and safety and better serve travelers along the light rail corridors. Learn more about the Light Rail Efficiency Project.

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Additional information will be added as this program moves forward. If you have any questions about VTA's Transit Ridership Improvement Program, please contact us using the information below.

​VTA Community Outreach

Phone: (408) 321-7575
TTY only: (408) 321-2330 


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