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Reports and Studies


2015 Annual Report
In a changing landscape, transportation agencies have to innovate or become irrelevant. As the lifeline for so many in Silicon Valley, the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority takes people to jobs, work, school and recreation. For us, irrelevance isn’t an option. So 2015 became the year we chose to innovate and position ourselves once again as a leader in transportation. We have made great strides in 2015, and look ahead to an exciting 2016 when so many of our ideas will come to fruition. Join us for the ride.
Download Annual Report (pdf)
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Driving the Economy of Silicon Valley
Driving the Economy of Silicon Valley: VTA’s Capital Program Delivers which shows how the investments being made in our transportation infrastructure are transforming communities and the lives of people not only in Silicon Valley, but also throughout California. Over the past five years, VTA projects have resulted in more than $1.6 billion in economic activity. While much of this impact and most of the jobs have occurred right here in Silicon Valley, these investments have also benefited communities and people beyond our local area.

Download Driving the Economy of Silicon Valley: VTA's Capital Program Delivers
Introduction to Transportation Funding

Introduction to Transportation Funding is a primer for understanding the variety of federal, state and local revenue sources that fund transportation in California.  It is provided to help individuals, organizations, elected officials and other policy-makers better understand the complex myriad of funding mechanisms that produce a major portion of transportation funding in the state.

Download VTA Introduction to Transportation Funding (pdf)

Transit Operations Annual Report Transit Operations Performance Reports
2014 Annual Report
(July 1, 2013-June 30, 2014)
Annual Transit Service Plan Annual Transit Service Plan
This revised proposal was presented to the Transit Planning & Operations Committee on April 16th  and the VTA Board of Directors on May 7, 2015.

Cover 2000 Measure A Semi-Annual Report

2000 Measure A Semi-Annual Report.
Download Semi-Annual Report (pdf)

Cover VTP Semi Annual Report VTP Highway Program Semi-Annual Report
Download VTP Highway Program Semi-Annual Report (pdf)
Cover Facilities Semi Annual Report

Transit Capital Projects Semi-Annual Report ​
Download Facilities Projects Semi-Annual Report (pdf)