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Let Our Brand Drive Your Local Business

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  • It's Weather.

    The #1 Most Trusted Media Brand. Brands that consumers love and trust.

  • It's Local.

    Reach consumers in your community. As close as 2 miles away from your business

  • It's Easy.

    Launch your campaign in 3 easy steps. No advertising experience required.

Better Reach. Better Results.

Case Studies

      1) Be Yoga
      2) Car Buy Co
      3) Second City

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What does your self service platform provide businesses?
Our self service solution provides a platform to grow and promote your business on The Weather Company Properties

How does it work?
A business can advertise on The Weather Company Properties in 3 easy steps
     1) Target your community
     2) Select your package
     3) Build your ad

Where will my ad run?
Ads placed via our self service platform will run on The Weather Company owned sites and apps, as well as sites where we distribute our weather in a branded environment. Examples include, The Weather Channel app,, etc.

I would like to run my ads across all U.S. regions.
The self service platform is intended to help local advertisers precisely target their ads to distinct geographies. Should you wish to place a nationally targeted campaign, please call 1-855-599-8896 or email

What targeting options are available?
The platform supports the ability to target a radius of 2mi to 100mi from your business location. Additional targeting features will be available in the future.

How soon will my ads go live?
Ads will go live in one business day. Ads that are purchased on a weekend will go live the first business day following that weekend

Why does it take one business day for my ads to go live?
Advertising is important to your business so The Weather Company is committed to providing the best advertising experience. Each campaign is reviewed by one of our expert advertising specialists to ensure everything looks good. We are working to expedite turn around times in the future

How long will my ad run?
Campaign dates can be selected based on your objectives and goals.

What are the creative specs?
The platform supports two creative sizes- a 300x250 on Digital and a 320x50 on Mobile.

What if I do not have an ad creative?
The platform includes a custom ad engine which provides a turnkey solution to build an ad in 30 seconds in over 100 variations of style, color, and context

What if I want to run an existing ad creative?
If you already have ad creative the platform provides an easy feature to simply upload your existing creative for your campaign

What if I have questions about advertising on The Weather Channel Properties?
Please contact 1-855-599-8896 or email for any advertising questions.

Are impressions guaranteed for my campaign?
Due to fluctuations in site traffic we can not guarantee that your campaign will deliver in full. However, we will make every effort possible to ensure full delivery. If we are unable to deliver you will be given the option of extending your campaign or getting a credit for the additional impressions.