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State-by-State Reports: President Obama's Plan to Cut Carbon Pollution and Prepare for Consequences of Climate Change

State-by-state reports detail the impacts of extreme weather and pollution across the country, and explain how President Obama's plan will help cut carbon pollution and prepare states for the impacts of climate change that can't be avoided.

Ed. note:  Find the latest state-by-state reports about the impacts of extreme weather and carbon pollution here.

On Tuesday, President Obama laid out his comprehensive plan to cut carbon pollution, prepare our country for the impacts of climate change, and lead global efforts to fight it.

Climate change impacts -- ranging from more frequent and severe storms, floods, heat waves, and wildfires, to increased risk of asthma attacks and longer allergy seasons -- are already affecting our security, our economy, and our communities.  In 2012 alone, the cost of weather disasters exceeded $110 billion in the United States, and climate change will only increase the frequency and intensity of these events. Today, we already set limits for arsenic, mercury and lead, but we impose no limits on how much carbon pollution our power plants release-- despite the fact carbon pollution is one of the largest drivers of climate change.  

As the President explained yesterday, we have a moral obligation to leave our children a planet that’s not polluted or damaged, and by taking an all-of-the-above approach to develop homegrown energy and steady, responsible steps to cut carbon pollution, we can begin to slow the effects of climate change so we leave a cleaner, more stable environment for future generations. The President’s plan is a comprehensive approach to cutting the pollution that causes climate change and threatens public health, setting us on a path to make our communities healthier, safer, and more resilient. 

The state-by-state reports below detail some of the impacts of extreme weather and pollution across the country, and underscore the importance of acting now  to cut carbon pollution and protect the health of our communities.

Alabama                              Alaska                          Arizona                       Arkansas         
California                            Colorado                      Connecticut               Delaware
District of Columbia           Florida                          Georgia                      Hawaii                              
Idaho                                    Illinois                           Indiana                       Iowa
Kansas                                Kentucky                       Louisiana                  Maine
Maryland                             Massachusetts            Michigan                    Minnesota
Mississippi                          Missouri                        Montana                    Nebraska
Nevada                                New Hampshire         New Jersey               New Mexico
New York                             North Carolina            North Dakota            Ohio
Oklahoma                            Oregon                         Pennsylvania           Rhode Island
South Carolina                   South Dakota              Tennessee                Texas
Utah                                      Vermont                       Virginia                      Washington
West Virginia                      Wisconsin                    Wyoming                   

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