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“If we want America to lead in the 21st century, nothing is more important than giving everyone the best education possible — from the day they start preschool to the day they start their career.”

—President Barack Obama


Knowledge and Skills for the Jobs of the Future


To prepare Americans for the jobs of the future and help restore middle-class security, we have to out-educate the world and that starts with a strong school system.

Making College More Affordable

President Obama has expanded support to help more students afford college, while calling for a shared responsibility in tackling rising costs.

Preparing our Kids for Success

Educating every American student to graduate from high school prepared for college and for a career is a national imperative.

Higher Education

Higher education is not a luxury. Earning a post-secondary degree or credential is a prerequisite for 21st century jobs, and one that everyone should be able to afford.

Supporting Great Teachers

We need great educators to teach our children the math and science skills that will enable them to compete for jobs in
the future.

Helping Early Learners

A child’s first years offer a critically important window of opportunity to develop skills that determine their success.

Race to the Top

22 million K-12 students are benefitting from President Obama’s historic reforms.

ConnectED Initiative

ConnectED empowers teachers with the best technology and the training to make the most of it, and empowers students through individualized learning and rich, digital content.