Reference Library

This directory contains published papers, meeting abstracts, and other reference information about Saccharomyces cerevisiae and biocuration. Please see the accompanying README documents for more information.

  Name Description README
ArtOfBrewing.pptx Presentation on the Art of Brewing and History of Lager Yeast courtesy of the Miller Brewing Company. [TXT]
biocuration_meetings/ Programs and abstracts from the 2005 and 2007 Society for Biocuration Meetings. [TXT]
mortimer_maps/ Early genetics maps of S. cerevisiae compiled by Robert Mortimer et al. readme-icon
physical_genetic_maps/ Combined physical and genetic maps as of 1997. readme-icon
sgd_publications/ Publications written by members of the SGD staff. readme-icon
yeast_genome_directory/ Original papers published for the sequencing of S. cerevisiae in 1997. readme-icon
yeast_meetings/ Programs and abstracts from the 1996 through 2007 Yeast Genetics Meetings. readme-icon