SGD Help: Find a Yeast Lab

The Yeast labs page is a list of laboratories that work on yeast, worldwide. To be listed in the Yeast labs page, yeast researchers enter their contact information into SGD using the Colleague Submission/Update form and enter the name of at least one lab member in the "Your Group/Lab Members and Associates" section.


  1. Using the Yeast Labs Search Page
  2. Viewing the Results Table

Using the Yeast Labs Search Page

You can search the yeast labs page in two ways.

  • Search by the last name of the principal investigator, using the hyperlinked alphabet to quickly find names beginning with that letter.
  • Search the list by topic.  From the pull down menu, choose from the list of options: Researcher; Institution; City, State, or Country; Key Word or Gene Name; Research Topic. This search is case insensitive and also accepts * for a wildcard search. Note that the Yeast Labs Page only searches the list of principal investigators and not all colleagues in SGD.
  • Examples of searching by topic:

    Researcher First name Last name: David Botstein
    Lastname, Initials: Botstein, D
    Last name only: Smith
    Partial Last name): Smi*
    First name only: john
    Institution Complete institution name: Stanford University
    Partial Institution: McGill
    Partial Institution: Medical Center
    City, State, or Country Country name: USA
    State Abbreviation: OH
    City Name: St. Louis
    Key Word or Gene Name Gene name: RAD5
    Keyword, containing a wildcard: trans*tion
    Research Topic Select checkboxes corresponding to the research topic(s)
    A single research topic: Aging
    Multiple research topics: Other OR Cell Cycle

Viewing the Results Table

The Results Table displays the name of the yeast researcher with his/her contact information in the first column, associated links to that researcher in second column and keyword and associated gene names in third column.

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