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Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Indoor Air Quality Science and Technology

IAQ Scientific Findings Resource Bank

Scientific Findings Resource Bank

Developed by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with funding support from EPA, the IAQ Scientific Findings Resource Bank is a resource for:

  • Public health professionals
  • Building professionals
  • Others who seek scientific information about the effects of IAQ on people’s health or work performance

The IAQ Scientific Findings Resource Bank provides information summarizing the state of scientific knowledge about the relationships between people’s health and productivity and the IAQ conditions or associated building characteristics in which the people work or reside. This website also provides links for downloading published journal articles that were developed under the project.

Indoor Air Quality Research

Indoor Air Quality research focuses on Improving the techniques used to measure and model emissions of indoor air chemical contaminants present in free standing structures. Research is dedicated to investigating various approaches to eliminating mold problems in residence and office buildings.

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