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Contacts in the Office of Pesticide Programs, Office of the Director

Office Director

Jack Housenger, housenger.jack@epa.gov, (703) 305-7090

Deputy Office Director for Programs

William Jordanjordan.william@epa.gov, (703) 305-7090

Deputy Office Director for Management

Marty Monell, monell.marty@epa.gov, (703) 305-7090

Special Assistant to the Office Director and Employee Ethics Officer

Debby Sisco, sisco.debby@epa.gov (703) 308-8121 

Special Assistant to the Office Director

Darlene Dinkins, dinkins.darlene@epa.gov (703) 305-5214

Special Assistant/Human Research Ethics Review Officer


Senior Advisor for Pesticide Registration Improvement Act (PRIA) Implementation

Peter Caulkins, caulkins.peter@epa.gov  (703) 305-6550

Leader, Travel Center of Excellence

Deborah Leftridge, leftridge.deborah@epa.gov  (703) 305-6487

Potomac Yard Conference Center Coordinator

Dozina Taylor, taylor.dozina@epa.gov   (703) 305-7450

OPP Director of Quality Assurance

Denise Rice, rice.denise@epa.gov   (703) 347-0282