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Smart Growth

Smart Growth Topics

Click on the links below to learn more about how smart growth strategies relate to the following topics:

  • Affordable Housing – Discussion of affordable housing and smart growth, with links to resources.
  • Brownfields and Infill Development – Discussion of cleanup and reuse of brownfield sites, which are often located in built-up places with existing transportation and utility infrastructure.
  • Climate Change – Discussion of how smart growth strategies can help mitigate and adapt to climate change, with links to resources.
  • Colleges and Universities – Discussion of how colleges and universities are involved in smart growth, with links to resources.
  • Disaster Resilience and Recovery – Discussion of smart growth approaches that can help communities prepare for and recover from natural disasters.
  • Equitable Development – Discussion of smart growth, environmental justice, and equitable development.
  • Location and Green Building – Discussion of the connection between green building and location-efficient siting, or locating a building within or near an existing community.
  • Open Space Conservation – Discussion of land conservation and smart growth, with links to resources.
  • Preservation of Existing and Historic Buildings – Discussion of how preservation and reuse of historic buildings supports sustainable communities, with links to resources.
  • School Siting – Summary of how siting decisions for K-12 schools affect community growth and development, with a list of resources.
  • Small Towns and Rural Communities – Discussion of smart growth strategies that can help rural communities achieve their goals for growth and development while maintaining their distinctive rural character.
  • Streets and Emergency Response – Discussion of how street design that meets smart growth goals can also meet emergency response goals.
  • Transportation – Discussion of the connections between smart growth, transportation, and air quality.
  • Water – Discussion of smart growth approaches that communities and developers can use to reduce stormwater runoff, protect water quality, and conserve water.

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