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Modeling and Inventories

MOVES (Motor Vehicle Emission Simulator)

EPA's Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ) has developed the MOtor Vehicle Emission Simulator (MOVES). This emission modeling system estimates emissions for mobile sources covering a broad range of pollutants and allows multiple scale analysis.

MOVES2014. MOVES2014 is the latest version of MOVES and includes the benefits of the Tier 3 rule as well the impacts of other EPA rulemakings promulgated since the last MOVES release, new emissions data, and new features that users have requested. MOVES2014 also includes the NONROAD2008 model, allowing for modeling of both on-road and nonroad mobile sources within the MOVES platform.

EPA has released an updated version of the original release of MOVES2014 that fixes some user reported issues. All MOVES2014 users should replace the July release of MOVES2014 with this one. Changes included in this MOVES2014 October Release are documented here. We have also updated a tool for modeling LEV standards available on the Tools page.

If you need to use an earlier version of MOVES go to MOVES2010b and Previous MOVES Versions and Documentation

Please find the latest guidance on Using MOVES for State Implementation Plans (SIP) and Transportation Conformity here:

  • Using MOVES2014 for SIP and conformity purposes

For further information:

NOTE: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, available as a free download, to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more about PDF, and for a link to the free Acrobat Reader.

General Information about MOVES2014

  • MOVES2014 Questions and Answers (PDF) (5 pp, 175K, EPA-420-F-14-049, July 2014) This document highlights the differences between MOVES2014 and earlier versions of MOVES and explains EPA policy on using MOVES2014 in State Implementation Plans and Transportation Conformity Analyses.

  • MOVES2014 Overview for Experienced MOVES Users (PDF) (6 pp, 121K, EPA-420-B-14-059, July 2014) Provides a brief overview of the major functional changes in MOVES2014.

  • Announcement of MOVES2014 October Release (PDF) (8 pp, 116K, EPA-420-B-14-094 October 2014)

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MOVES2014 User Documents and Tools

  • MOVES2014 User Guide (PDF) (247 pp, 14.4MB, EPA-420-B-14-055, July 2014) Walks users through various MOVES examples and provides an overview of menu items and options.

  • MOVES2014 User Interface Reference Manual (PDF) (51 pp, 436K, EPA-420-B-14-057, July 2014) Provides details on using the MOVES interface, commands and menu options.

  • MOVES2014 Software Design Reference Manual (PDF) (89 pp, 1.1MB, EPA-420-B-14-056, December 2014) Provides background on configuring and installing MOVES and describes MOVES code structure.

  • MOVES2014 Module Reference (October 2014) Provides step-by-step algorithms for MOVES calculations and cross references for MOVES modules and database tables.

  • Tools for MOVES. Tools designed to help users develop inputs for MOVES2014 and post-process the output.

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Downloading MOVES2014

  • Download MOVES2014 October Release with CB6 Installer (EXE) (72MB, May 2015) The October 2014 release of MOVES2014 replaced the July 2014 release and fixes some user reported issues as described here. The release of MOVES2014 with CB6 includes the October 2014 changes and also allows the output of CB6 emissions and improves the output of CB05 emissions.  In addition, it automates configuration of MOVES for Java 8 as needed, and includes updated nonroad (December 2014) and onroad (March 2015) post-processing scripts. After downloading the setup file, run moves2014-cb6-setup.exe and follow the instructions to complete the MOVES2014 installation.
    NOTE: CB6 and CB05 are chemical mechanisms that speciate inventory emissions for input into chemical transport air quality models.  Other than the CB05 and CB6 chemical species, the new MOVES2014_CB6 produces the same results as the October 2014 release of MOVES2014. MOVES modelers who are not using MOVES results as input to chemical transport air quality models are unaffected by this update to MOVES2014 and do not need to download and install this update.

  • Download new nonroad post-processing scripts (ZIP) (8.38K, December 2014). This zip file contains nonroad post-processing scripts that fix an error that may cause incorrect results in the processing of nonroad output. Instructions for replacing the scripts are available in the ZIP file. MOVES users who have used a MOVES installation package dated December 2014-or-later already have these scripts and do not need to download this file.

  • Download new onroad post-processing scripts (ZIP) (6.37K, March 2015). This zip file contains onroad post-processing scripts that fix problems that may lead to error messages or ambiguous results in the processing of onroad output. Instructions for replacing the scripts are available in the ZIP file. MOVES users who have used a MOVES installation package dated March 2015-or-later already have these scripts and do not need to download this file.

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Using MOVES2014 for SIP and Conformity Purposes (also see MOVES2014 Questions & Answers)

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