Meet face to face with coworkers and customers

Connect with the people that make your business run via HD video, voice or text. You can save money and time on travel, but still get all the benefits of face-to-face contact.

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HD video meetings with your entire team

Host Hangouts for up to 25 people within or outside of your organization. The screen automatically focuses on whoever is speaking and intelligent muting prevents background noise.

Easy to use from anywhere

Your entire team can join the same Hangout from their desktop, laptop, tablet or phone with the same easy-to-use experience.

Built-in screen sharing

Review your latest slides or give a remote tutorial with easy screen sharing, then send around useful links with built-in chat.

A public platform for showcasing your brand

Hold a public Hangout On Air to demo a new product or make an announcement. Your video conference streams live in HD and is automatically saved to your YouTube channel.

Integrated with calendar, so it's only one click away

When creating a meeting in Google Calendar, you can automatically add a Hangout. So when your meeting rolls around, it takes just one click to join.

Custom control for admins

Set advanced admin features like limiting access to Hangouts for external participants, turning chat history off and the ability to eject participants ensures privacy.

"Hangouts has allowed us to be more focused and helped us reduce meeting times by up to 50%."

Jim Nielsen, Shaw Industries

Top questions about Hangouts

Can external participants join a Hangout?

Yes. External participants can join a Hangout even if they don't have a Google Apps account. To ensure privacy, you also have the option to restrict access to Hangouts by default.

Is the content of a Hangout secure?

Yes. All video and audio streams in Hangouts are encrypted. Users can join securely even if they're offsite.

What's the participant limit for a Hangout?

Hangouts are limited to 25 participants, with no time limit. You can also use Hangouts On Air to broadcast a Hangout to as many people as you like.