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Tech-to-Market (T2M)

Preparing technologies for an eventual transfer from lab to market is a key element of ARPA-E's mission, specifically called for in our statutory mandate from Congress. ARPA-E project teams are asked to prepare a Technology-to-Market Plan that serves as a guide to assess and advance the commercial viability of their technology. ARPA-E’s T2M Program assists teams in constructing and carrying out these plans. ARPA-E’s goal is to help project teams develop the knowledge and skills they need to prepare for and expedite private-sector deployment of their technologies.

ARPA-E recognizes that each project team has its own vision for commercialization. ARPA-E’s Tech-to-Market Team offers perspectives on the various approaches, but ARPA-E does not endorse a single strategy for how commercialization should occur. Once a project team has identified a strategy, the ARPA-E T2M team works to inform, connect, and advocate in support of maintaining the momentum built by the project team beyond the duration of their ARPA-E engagement:

Commercial success process flow diagram

We encourage you to explore the T2M resources in this section. If you have suggestions for additional resources to add, please contact our T2M team at