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BioBridge Peer Advising

BioBrige, Student Services Office, Gilbert 108

What is BioBridge?

BioBridge is an undergraduate peer advising group and informational resource for the Department of Biology. BioBridge advisors serve as a link to several aspects of the biology major by:

  • Coordinating outreach programs for current and prospective biology majors
  • Organizing info sessions and panels on topics related to research, grants, the major, employment, and other post-graduate opportunities
  • Offering social events where Biology majors and prospective majors can get to know each other
  • Answering questions about major requirements, policies, and procedures
  • Promoting interaction between Biology faculty and undergrad students

If you have questions about how to declare the major, find a research position, which courses to take, or where to study away from campus while still graduating in 4 years, come by the BioBride office hours or send them an email.

Office Hours


Georgia, 1-4:30pm


Anuj, 1:30-4:30pm


Griffin, 1-3pm


Meagan, 1:30-4:30pm


Shreya, 1-4:30pm

Meet Your Advisors

Griffin Hill

Griffin Hill, Class of '17: Griffin is a Junior Biology major with a field of study in Marine Biology from Sonoma, California. In his time at Stanford, Griffin has spent a quarter and summer at Hopkins Marine Station in the Palumbi lab studying coral genetics and the ability of coral to adapt and acclimatize to warming seas. He also participated in the Wrigley Field Program in Hawaii, which is an amazing interdisciplinary program that gives students an opportunity to dig into everything from Anthropology to Volcanology all while designing an independent research project. In his free time, Griffin enjoys mountain biking, rocking out with LSJUMB, and snowboarding. When he graduates he hopes to pursue some combination of a co-term in Earth Systems, a career with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and his lifelong dream of ski bumming around the world. Through BioBridge, Griffin looks forward to helping students find amazing biology experiences on and off campus while singing the praises of Hopkins Marine Station.

anuj patel

Anuj Patel, Class of '16: Anuj is a senior majoring in biology with a concentration in microbes and immunity. He is working on his honors thesis project in Manish Butte’s lab in the Dept. of Pediatrics at Stanford Medical School, where he is studying the role of the actin cytoskeleton and its regulatory proteins in T cell responses to pathogen and whether it poses a viable therapeutic target for various immunodeficiency conditions. When he’s not in class, Anuj volunteers with Friends of the Palo Alto Library, Lucille Packard Children’s Hospital, and the Ronald McDonald House, or often can be found reading. Anuj really likes to read. In fact, he reads too much. His favorite biology joke is: How did Juliet maintain a constant body temperature? “Romeostasis” (I know, it’s sad, really). If Anuj could ever genetically reengineer himself, he would give himself the ability to sing at least somewhat near pitch. He is going into consulting after he graduates, then onto med school. He’s excited to talk about pre-med, studying abroad, honors, finding a research lab, immunology, can’t-miss classes, or the bio major life in general.

shreya ramachandran

Shreya Ramachandran, Class of '16: Shreya is a senior pursuing honors in Biology with a field of study in Neurobiology. She is working on her honors thesis with Dr. Ruth O’Hara and Dr. Joachim Hallmayer in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, studying genetic components of autism spectrum disorders. Originally from Palo Alto, Shreya loves to travel, and has worked in a geriatric psychiatry lab in Paris and studied abroad in Barcelona. In addition to serving as co-president of HABLA Tutoring, Shreya enjoys knitting, baking cookies, and hanging out with her best friend, Milo the Labradoodle. She’s excited to talk to students about 4-year plans, studying abroad, pursuing research opportunities, pre-med or pre-grad plans, or making the most of their time at Stanford!

meagan shinbashi

Meagan Shinbashi, Class of '17: Meagan is a pre-med junior pursuing honors in General Biology. She is originally from Mission Viejo in Southern California, and loves to travel and try new things (especially food). She has taken advantage of many of Stanford’s opportunities to explore her interests in biology and medicine, including the VPUE-sponsored summer research, Bio-X, and SIMS physician shadowing. She has worked in Dr. Heller’s sleep and physiology lab for two years, and her current honors research looks at the effects of sleep deprivation and circadian rhythms on learning in mice. In her free time, she enjoys exploring new places, playing tennis, volunteering at the Pacific Free Clinic, and baking. She is more than happy to talk to students about pre-med, research, creating a 4-year plan, or just life as a Biology major in general, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions!

georgia toal

Georgia Toal, Class of '16: Georgia is a senior from Portland, OR concentrating in cellular, molecular and developmental biology. She is completing her honors thesis research at Stanford’s School of Medicine in the Felsher lab studying oncogene addiction. Specifically, she is looking into the oncogene MYC’s regulation of lipid metabolism in Renal Cell Carcinoma. Georgia studied abroad in Australia last fall and still managed to complete a minor in Education in addition to her biology courses. Currently, Georgia is applying to medical school and wishes to have a career in academic medicine. As captain of the ski team for the last two years, you can find Georgia at the mountains when she’s not studying, volunteering, or watching Disney Channel Original Movies. She’s more than happy to talk with students about being pre-med, studying abroad, finding research opportunities, or balancing the bio major with countless activities/ Greek life!