Research & Scholarship

Resources for managing scholarly inquiry

Best practices and processes required by Stanford and sponsors.
Learn more about clinical research including clinical trials.
Computing resources in support of your research and scholarship.
Manage conflicts of interest and commitment.
Information on non-faculty research appointments, consultants, visiting scholars, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate students.
Tools and information to help you comply with export control regulations.
Resources to support the scholarly contributions, skills and professional activities of faculty, especially junior faculty.
Read more on the rules for lobbying activities.
Find policies to help guide you.
Disclose inventions, file for patents and negotiate licenses.
Collaborative teams of experts address major issues outside the boundaries of schools. Includes research opportunities for undergraduate students.
Find resources for international activities, instruction & collaboration.
Tools and services for data management, preservation, and sharing, including guidance for faculty on access to data.
Annual process begins spring 2016
Tips for procuring and managing research funds.
Understand who can serve as a PI and what exceptions can be made.
Enter and manage protocols for human, animal, stem cell, and bio-safety. Ready to get started? Go directly to eProtocol.
PI's are responsible for ensuring research team members complete required training.
Written with all researchers in mind, special consideration has been given to the needs of students and postdocs.
Guidance for ensuring a safe work environment.
Support for fulfilling the educational outreach required by your research sponsor.
Find facilities and equipment for your research.
Get an in-depth view of how SeRA handles PDRFs, awards, and PTA setup.
Tools for funding and mentoring graduate students and postdocs.
Get help with industrial agreements & materials from external labs.
Computing resources in support of your research and scholarship

Stanford Dean of Research

Research Administration

Concepts and procedures

Learn how to allocate expense and setup an expenditure allocation PTA.
Learn about award types, negotiating award agreements, and award acceptance.
Learn when you can propose and charge administrative expenses to a sponsored project.
Checklists and instructions for completing award closeout activities and sponsor reporting requirements.
Understand your stewardship responsibilities.
Understand proposing and tracking cost sharing.
Understand the mechanics of all cost transfers and the specifics for Veterinary Service Center (VSC).
Learn about proposing and managing effort.
Learn the mechanics of SeRA, e-submit, Cayuse 424, and Federal sponsors.
For Stanford faculty and staff.
Brief definitions of terms used in this website.
Learn to apply the (ISC) Infrastructure Charge policy and procedures.
When Stanford’s resources are used by outside entities, Stanford must recover some portion of the F&A costs.
Certification period March 21-June 1, 2016.
Lean about proposal components, budget basics, rates, and institutional facts.
Principles and best practices for managing awards.
School specific guides for preparing and routing proposals for institutional review and submission to the sponsor.
Manage equipment and materials effectively.
PTA setup procedures for new, early, cost sharing, subawards, modifying, and transaction controls.
Find F&A & Fringe Benefit Rates as well as Non-sponsored receivable rates.
Understand our obligation to keep important documents and when and what can destroyed.
Learn about salary caps and how to administer the NIH salary cap.
The PDRF captures information necessary for proposal review and endorsement by Stanford University.
Identify, propose, process, and manage a subaward.
Updates to Stanford and sponsor policies and procedures.