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Undergraduate Program

Peer advisors with prospective History majors. 


Six pathways lead to the B.A. in History at Stanford: General History; Global Affairs and World History; History, Philosophy, and the Arts; History of Science and Medicine; Public History/Public Service; and History and Law. 

The Department of History has recently added a joint major program in Computer Science + History. 

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Candidates for the minor in History must complete six courses, at least three of which must have a field or thematic focus.

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For a limited number of majors, the department offers a special program leading to Departmental Honors in History.

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Coterminal Masters

The department each year admits a limited number of undergraduates for coterminal B.A. and M.A. degrees in History. Coterminal applications are accepted during Autumn Quarter for admission in Spring Quarter; check with the History office for the application deadline.

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How to Declare

The first step in becoming a History major is finding a Faculty Adviser. 

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