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Image of a James Madison figurine
Feb 8 2016
James Madison may be best remembered as the father of the constitution, but he was also the nation's first wartime president—and, as such, was the first to wrestle with how to use executive power in the Oval Office during a major national security crisis. For the fourth episode of the Presidential...
Students looking at a display
Jan 29 2016
Why are cities so important to our future? According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 54% of the global population lives in urban areas, up from 34% in 1960.  This trend shows no sign of slowing down with an increase of 1.84% every year between 2015 and 2020. With cities adding 2.5 billion...
Digitized aerial images of the Iguazu Falls
Jan 29 2016
By Ian P. BeacockThe Humanities at Stanford   Nestled along the border between Argentina and Brazil are the spectacular, thundering Iguazu Falls. Surrounding them are two national parks – legally protected areas of subtropical rainforest that appear free of both people and politics.
Headshot of four historians
Jan 29 2016
By Liz Covart History is about people, but what do we know about the people behind history’s scenes? Who are the people who tell us what we know about our past? And how do they come to know what they know? Today, we begin our year-long “Doing History” series with a special bonus episode about...
Map of Grave Reform in Modern China
Jan 8 2016 | Stanford Report
A digital humanities project led by Stanford historian Tom Mullaney is creating a map that illustrates the ongoing and multifaceted impact of funeral reform and grave relocation in China. BY TOM WINTERBOTTOM   In the last 15 years, grave relocation has been taking place in China on a massive...