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Research Overview

From health to trade, governance to entrepreneurship, the Stanford King Center stimulates and supports research to make a difference in the world.

The King Center’s goal is to accelerate research and share it with thought leaders and policymakers who can use it to improve the lives of the world’s poor. Whether engaged in large, multi-faculty initiatives, through research support, or by bringing visiting scholars to Stanford, our research is:

1. Collaborative. We encourage economists and sociologists, political scientists and doctors, ecologists and engineers—from all schools and institutes—to work together to address the issues of global poverty.

2. Global. Our work is targeted at middle- and low-income countries around the world.

3. Purposeful. We are laser-focused on developing profound insights that can lead to breakthrough solutions to alleviate global poverty and improve the lives of the world’s poor.

4. Data-driven. Our work is empirically grounded, relying on hard facts and evidence to reveal path-breaking insights that can change policies and improve lives.

Learn about our programs:

  • Explore our flagship multi-faculty initiatives that support cohesive communities of scholars working together on sustained global development and poverty alleviation research agendas.

  • Discover our China and India Programs focused on economic research and engagement with policy makers and business leaders.

  • Learn about research support, including junior faculty research grants and conference support.

  • Find out how academics from other institutions can engage in research at the center through our Visitors Program.

  • Dig into our working papers to see the breadth and depth of research.