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Affiliated Faculty

Vincent Barletta

Iberian and Latin American Cultures
Ibero-Muslim culture and literature, Aljamiado literature, empire, ethics
Shahzad Bashir

Shahzad Bashir

Religious Studies
Sufi Islam, Persianate Islamic societies
Joel Beinin

Joel Beinin

Modern Middle East, modern Egypt, Arab-Israeli conflict

Lisa Blaydes

Political Science
Authoritarian regimes, electoral systems, Egypt
Elizabeth Boyi

Elisabeth Boyi

Comparative Literature and French
Northern Africa, Maghrebian literature in French
Robert Crews
Muslim communities in the Russian empire and Central Asia

Saadet Ebru Ergul

Stanford Language Center
Turkish Language and Culture, Second Language Acquisition, Turkish Language Testing and Evaluation

Ian Hodder

Archaeology, archaeological theory, excavations at Catalhoyuk in central Turkey

Burcu Karahan Richardson

Comparative Literature
Ottoman and modern Turkish languages and literatures, Turkish modernization, the novel, narcissism, translation, Turkish cinema
Lynn Meskell

Lynn Meskell

Archaeology, word heritage, UNESCO, Turkey, Egypt, South Africa

Bissera Pentcheva

Art & Art History
Byzantine and medieval art
Aaron Rodrigue
Ottoman Empire, Jews in the Middle East, Sephardi Jewry, Jewish-Muslim interactions

Kabir Tambar

contemporary Islamic movements, secularism, nationalism, minority politics, Turkey, Middle East

Marie-Pierre Ulloa

French & Italian
North-African & Francophone history, Decolonization in the Maghreb, Immigration, Diaspora, Sephardi Jewry

Ali Yaycioglu

Ottoman Empire, history of economic and political Institutions, empires and global history, Modern Turkey