Social Sciences

GOP button on US flag

Stanford expert says brokered Republican convention could be 'gigantic mess,' but not a bad idea

Political scientist Morris Fiorina says, however, it would give the party a chance to consider alternative candidates.

Sally Dickson Annual Lecture speakers

Social justice and activism integral to American experience, speakers tell Stanford audience

The inaugural Sally Dickson Annual Lecture on Diversity, Inclusion and Reflection explored how individual people pursued social activism and justice to make a difference in contemporary society.

Students study Alaskan wilderness

Sophomore College Alaska immerses Stanford students in the Last Frontier

Two weeks in the wilderness introduce select group to the ecology and economics of the 49th state.

Filipinos waving national flag

Cash aid to households is most effective in reducing insurgency threats, Stanford research shows

Stanford researcher Joseph Felter found that direct cash assistance to households in the Philippines decreased insurgent-led conflicts and weakened their influence in those villages.

Condoleezza Rice and Michael McFaul at OpenXChange panel / L.A. Cicero

Stanford political scientists discuss diplomacy and foreign policy amid global turmoil

Stanford foreign policy experts discussed flashpoints around the world at an OpenXChange event this week.

Africa from space

Stanford researchers use dark of night and machine learning to shed light on global poverty

An interdisciplinary team of Stanford scientists is identifying global poverty zones by comparing daytime and nighttime satellite images in a novel way.

John Hennessy and Rick Stengel

President Obama to host Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2016 at Stanford University

Sanford Dornbusch / Chuck Painter

Stanford sociologist and faculty leader Sanford Dornbusch dies at 89

Sanford M. Dornbusch, a scholar renowned for his research on adolescence, was a "founding father" of Stanford's Department of Sociology.

El Matador State Beach, Malibu

California Coastal Commission decision-making process appears stable and consistent, Stanford research shows

Stanford scholar Iris Hui found that the California Coastal Commission approaches decisions through a consistent process. For her analysis, she used "text mining" to examine the commission's record.

official portraits of Shinzo Abe and Barack Obama / AKIRA/ITOH; Pete Souza

Culture shapes how leaders smile, Stanford research shows

Stanford psychologist Jeanne Tsai found that the more a particular country's culture values excitement, the more its political leaders show enthusiastic smiles. On the other hand, when the specific culture emphasizes calm, those leaders show more reserved smiles.

George Orwell / Eric Arthur

Stanford professor uncovers roots of George Orwell's political language

Through a close reading of George Orwell's nonfiction prose, Stanford English Professor Alex Woloch shows how language and democratic socialism played roles in the British writer's stand against totalitarianism.

Three old men chatting happily

Stanford project suggests longer, healthier lives are possible

A Stanford analysis shows how to enhance longevity and well-being through healthy living, financial security and social relationships.

Engineering team tackles police reports

Stanford engineers' 'Law, Order & Algorithms' data project aims to identify bias in the criminal justice system

A team of engineers uses computational analysis tools to scrape information from police-related incidents to reveal discrimination and reduce crime.

schoolchildren in a classroom reading at their desks / Monkey Business Images/Shutterstock

Quality of schools is critical for economic growth in developing countries, Stanford expert says

Stanford economist Eric Hanushek said that a country's economic growth is directly based on the cognitive skills of the population, or the "knowledge capital" of a nation.

gold outline of football on dark background / entirelinedesign/Shutterstock

Stanford sports management expert offers a business persective on the big game

George Foster of the Graduate School of Business explains how the NFL turned the Super Bowl into a wild success.