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Accelerator Directorate


Accelerator Directorate

Welcome to the SLAC Accelerator Directorate

Our vision is to create an environment that fosters world leading accelerator science and technologies for future accelerators while enabling user research and accelerator R&D programs today.

Our mission is to:


  • Operate the existing accelerators at SLAC, and provide the highest level of performance.
  • Improve the capability of existing accelerators, and support the construction of new ones.
  • Develop enabling technologies for existing and future accelerators.
  • Maintain and develop technology infrastructure to serve SLAC's mission and the DOE complex.
  • Educate the next generation of accelerator scientists and engineers.





AD Information


AD Links

 AD Org Chart
 AD Mgmt Walkthrough Plan
 AD Injury Prevention Plan
 Action Tracking System
 Controlled Documents
 Conduct of Engineering
 Technical Databases
 Staff Away Calendar
 Help Pages
 AD Blog
 AD Inbox

Linac & FEL Division - Front Page link list Linac & FEL Division

 Real Time Status
 Program Coordination
 LCLS Machine FAQ
 LCLS Physics
 S0-20 Accelerator
 Projects (AIP/GPP)
 IDEA: Intrumentation, Diag & Eng

FACET Division - Front page link list FACET Division

 FACET Staff Site
 FACET User Facility

Accelerator Research Division - Front page links Accelerator Research Division

 Advanced Accelerator Research
 Advanced Computations
 Beam Physics
 Test Facilities

Electronics Engineering Division - Front page links Electronics Engineering Division

 Engineering Support
 Electrical Systems
 Electronics & Instrument Engineering
 Safety Systems
 Special Projects
 Software Engineering
 Work For Others

Technology Innovation Directorate (former RFARED) - Front page links Technology Innovation Directorate (former RFARED)

 Technology Innovation Directorate

Other Activities


SPEAR3 Accelerator Division - Front page links SPEAR3 Accelerator Division

 SPEAR3 Status
 SPEAR3 Accelerator Staff
 SPEAR3 Booster RF Project

Projects - Front page link list Projects

 Accelerator Control Room Relocation
 Linac S0 – S10 Removal Project
 Injector Test Facilities
 SLAC ACT Project (WFO)
 LCLS Project (historical)
 MECi (historical)

Accelerator Operations & Safety Division - Front page links Accelerator Operations & Safety Division

 AOSD Maintenance
 AOSD Safety
 CATER (Trouble Reporting)
 SPEAR 3 Operations

Mechanical Engineering & Technical Support Division - Front Page links Mechanical Engineering & Technical Support Division

 METSD Safety Office
 CAD Applications
 Design Services
 Mechanical Engineering
 Mechanical Fabrication Systems
 Metrology Systems
 Technical Planning
 Vacuum Science and Engineering

Directorate Office - Front Page Links Directorate Office

 AD Administration Office
 AD Business Office
 AD Strategic Planning
 Committees, Task Forces & Collaborations
 Conduct of Engineering
 FEL R&D Program
 Mission Readiness (MR) Assessment

SLAC SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, Menlo Park, CA
Operated by Stanford University for the U.S. Dept. of Energy