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Automated Grad Auth

Automated Graduate Program Authorization Petition

Download staff training material for the online Grad Auth petition (pdf)

To be set up as an approver

All academic organizations that grant graduate degrees have been set up with approvers. Granting staff approver status is a two part process:

  1. You must be granted the SR_GRAD_AUTH security role by the PeopleSoft Authority Manager in your school.
  2. You must be set up for your academic organization in STF Notification Setup panel in PeopleSoft.

To approve a grad auth petition

If you are set up as an approver, an email informs you when a petition has been submitted and is in your PeopleSoft worklist.

Step 1:

Open your Worklist from your Menu. The PeopleSoft path is:

  • Home > Worklist > Worklist

Step 2:

Open the link for the petition you wish to review. The “From” area lists the name of the student who submitted, or it lists the previous approver if there was one. The link opens the student’s petition, including the student’s current and requested new programs. The approval section is at the bottom.

The petition is first routed to the approvers in the student’s active programs. Then, it is routed to the new department. If the departments are the same, only one approval is required. Finally, it is routed to Bechtel if the student is international.

Step 3:

Enter Approval Action and Comments

Approval Action Options

  • ApproveWhen the approver selects this option and clicks on Save, an email will be sent to the student and next approver with comments, and the petition is moved to the worklist of the next approver. If it is the last approval, the data is loaded into PeopleSoft in the Student Program/Plan.
  • In ProgressWhen the approver selects this option and clicks Save, an email is sent to the student that the approver is reviewing the petition request, and comments are included. The student can view, but cannot edit, a petition when it is In Progress.
  • Return When the approver selects this option and clicks Save, an email is sent to the student. The student will be able to edit the petition (by navigating through the same path as the original request) and resubmit. The student must resubmit the petition for it to return to the approver’s worklist.
  • DenyWhen the approver selects this option and clicks Save, an email notification is sent to the student with the comments. The student will not be able to edit the request. A new request has to be submitted if required.
  • Comments – You may enter any comments or leave blank. They are included in all emails to students.

Step 4:

Transaction is complete

If the petition is approved by all required approvers, the new program will be added to the Student Program/Plan in PeopleSoft. If student opted to discontinue program, a discontinue row will be added to the current program with an effective date at the end of the current quarter. 


  • Sorting and filtering the Worklist
    • The Worklist can be sorted by clicking on any of the headers. For instance, if the “Date From” is clicked, the list will be sorted by date.
    • The Worklist can also be filtered. There is a drop down option to select Current Program Petition Approval or New Program Petition Approval. If you select blank, all petitions will appear (this is the default).
  • Prioritizing the Worklist
    • In the Priority column, you can select 1 - High, 2 - Medium, or 3 - Low, to prioritize petitions. As soon as you select a priority, the priority saves in your worklist.


Email generated by the automated grad auth are all variations of the following:

The following transaction is submitted to you for approval
Transaction ID: 00000000011
Originated on: 06/25/2009  2:36:20PM
Student: 05XXXXXX , Jane Stanford 

Effective Quarter: 1102 

Requested New Department: BIOL

Approver's Notes: Must see department first.