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Find a Venue

Find a venue that is best for your event in terms of size, availability and cost.  Begin with an overview of spaces by type.  See detailed information for Stanford's most popular spaces with SAL's Venue Detail Sheets. Remember almost all space reservations must be made at least 7 days in advance, large events much longer.

SAL Picks: Venue Overviews

Type of Space Description
Auditoria and Large Lectures Large spaces for lectures and speakers, both auditoria, classrooms and multi-purpose spaces.
Bechtel International Center  
Dance Performance and rehearsal spaces with special flooring, lighting and production information.
Drama Department Calendar (for availability only, not to request)
Low-Cost Alternatives Inexpensive locations for a small meetings or events.
Meals Venues useful for hosting meals.
Music Department Calendar (for availability only, not to request)
Outdoor Events Outdoor spaces available for scheduling.
Tresidder Memorial Union (Meeting Services)  
White Memorial Plaza A prime student program space.

Popular Venues - Detail Sheets

Below are detailed venue pages for student organizations' most popular spaces on campus. Please check them out!

Arts Spaces - Powered by the Arts Institute

For a more comprehensive listing of all arts spaces on campus, visit the Arts Institute's page here for a better selection.


You can start by checking for possible availability online.  Remember you will still need to submit an event request via CardinalSync for event approval and scheduling.

Type of Space How to Reserve
Spaces listed on 25Live Create and submit a new event in CardinalSync at least seven days in advance.
White Plaza Create and submit a new event in CardinalSync at least two weeks in advance.
Larger Spaces, special event types, and other spaces Create and submit a new event in CardinalSync. These may require more approvals and take longer—review guides for specific types of events. Contact the space manager. Make sure you wait to receive written confirmation before moving forward with your event.

Costs: How do I know what my space will cost?

Most spaces don't have rental fees but you may need additional services such as custodial, tech and unlocking/locking. Small classrooms and spaces in Old Union, the community centers and residences are the least expensive. Expenses vary widely and depend on a number of key factors including:

  • Time of day.  Weekends can cost more than weekdays; holidays even more.
  • Technical equipment.  Audio, projection and lighting usually costs extra.  All auditoria require University technicians.
  • Custodial.  Most academic spaces require extra custodial.
  • Crowd control/security.  Events in large spaces can involve security and crowd management.

Start with a SAL peer advisor early in your planning so you can develop a cost estimate based on your specific needs.