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Off-Campus Fundraising Steps

Off-campus fundraising is a privilege available to student organizations that have well-articulated and reasonable program goals and sufficient lead-time.

Attend a mandatory Off-campus Fundraising workshop.

Develop a program proposal and detailed, reasonable budget.

  • Anticipated expenses that are based on real estimates. It is possible to include a small contingency in your budget of 10-15 %.
  • On-campus funding sources solicited and funds earned.
  • Desired amount to raise from your proposed off-campus funding sources.
  • A reasonable number of off-campus targets with company name, personal contact and relationship to your organization or program.

Review proposal with SAL Peer Advisor.

Submit application via CardinalSync portal for Off-campus Fundraising.

  • Once you attend an off-campus fundraising workshop you will be given access to portal so you can submit your application.

Await approval from SAL and the Office of Development for approval.

  • Well-done, comprehensive and reasonable proposals can typically be processed in 2 weeks. Incomplete proposals can take up to 2 months or more.

Fundraise from your approved targets

  • Under no circumstances targets can be approached until your proposal is proposed.
  • Except under rare circumstances, students orgs are not permitted to sign "contracts or agreements" as part of the donation.
  • Allow 1-3 months for your solicitations to be considered and funds donated to Stanford. All donations are made in the name of Stanford and will take  4-5 weeks to transfer from the Office of Development to your ASSU account.

Deposit your checks promptly.

  • All checks should be sent directly to the Office of Development so that there is no lag time between receiving a check and getting into Stanford's account. 
  • Mail to: 1) [youe group name], 2) c/o Nora Martin, 3) Office of Development, 4) 326 Galvez Street, 5) Stanford CA 94305.  If you are emailing them these instructions, please copy Nora Martin ( on your correspondence.
  • The Office of Development will process all donations promptly and inform the group leadership that the funds are on their way. It usually takes 3-4 weeks from the receipt of the check in Development before it is transferred to your ASSU account, so plan accordingly.

Thank your funders.

  • Timely, student-oriented and clever thank yous are best.  A framed photo of your event, Stanford swag or a thank you card signed by everyone are all simple and meaningful ways to thank your funders.

Submit a one page summary of your program(s) final fundraising efforts to SAL.

  • The ability to steward your funds well will impact future fundraising requests.


  • Searching for on-campus funding first is a must.
  • Be certain that you are prepared to fundraise off-campus. Off-campus fundraising requires strong organization and a long lead-time. 
  • A thorough and detailed budget is important.  Need help?  See a SAL Peer Advisor for assistance. SAL staff are here to assist.  Use us!
  • Once approved, follow-up, follow-up and follow-up on your requests. Check your progress regularly, especially when requesting funds from your targets. Give all targets your needed deadline when you make your request.
  • Write prompt funder thank yous. Prompt and grateful feedback can turn a one-time funding source into a regular one.