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Stanford Sensors Research Directory

Name Description Hardware/Sensors Software and Data Analytics Applications
Hamid Aghajan

Modeling social behavior through ambient intelligence, applied to designing smart building techniques in homes and offices

Cameras and Imaging Image Recognition, Wireless Sensor Networks Energy Efficiency, Smart Buildings
Amin Arbabian

Development of sensors for medical imaging and sensing, power delivery, RFID, and high frequency circuits and systems

Biomedical Sensors, Communications Hardware Human Health, Medicine
Kevin Arrigo

Role of marine microalgae in biogeochemical cycling and biogenic flux of CO2 into oceans and sediments; phytoplankton population through satellite remote sensing

Environmental Sensors, Geophysical Sensing, Satellites and Remote Sensing Environmental Monitoring, Harsh Environments
Gregory Asner

Monitoring tropical deforestation and forest degradation through remote sensors; map canopy function and biological diversity

Environmental Sensors, Satellites and Remote Sensing Data Visualization Biodiversity, Climate Change, Environmental Monitoring
Banny Banerjee

Studies sustainability and social change through platforms for design thinking

Human Behavior, Sustainability
Zhenan Bao

Biological and chemical sensors for nano-scale electronics, alternative energy, and biomedical applications

Biomedical Sensors, Chemical Sensors, Environmental Sensors, Physical Sensors Energy Storage, Environmental Monitoring, Harsh Environments, Human Health, Medicine, Renewable Energy
Jim Barry

Remotely operated vehicles to study physiological responses of organisms in ocean ecosystems

Remotely Operated Vehicles Climate Change, Oceans
Biondo Biondi

Mathematical algorithms to image and monitor subsurface structures and fluids by using seismological data.

Biomedical Sensors, Physical Sensors Human Health, Medicine
David Camarillo

Computer modeling for cancer diagosis and treatment, in vivo microscopy, and cell mechanics with applications in regenerative medicine

Biomedical Sensors, Physical Sensors, Robotics Human Health, Medicine
Brian Cantwell

Applications of fluid dynamics for sustainable fuel use in astronautics

Aeronautics and Astronautics
Fu-Kuo Chang

Developing sensors and sensor networks for materials - applications to electrical engineering, material science, intelligent structures

Physical Sensors Signal Processing Structural Health Monitoring
Sigrid Close

Use of remote sensing techniques to model space weather detection and modeling for spacecraft design

Satellites and Remote Sensing Aeronautics and Astronautics, Harsh Environments
Craig Criddle

Research and demonstration related to environmental biotechnology and water treatment remediation

Electronic Sensors, Energy Conversion Devices Environmental Monitoring, Hydrology, Sustainability
Yi Cui

Use of nanoparticle and nanowire sensors with electronic, environmental, and energy applications

Electronic Sensors, Energy Conversion Devices Energy Storage, Environmental Monitoring, Harsh Environments, Renewable Energy, Sustainability
Greg Deierlein

Development and application of nonlinear structural analysis methods and design criteria for constructed facilities

Algorithms Structural Health Monitoring
Persi Diaconis

Applications of probability modeling and theory

Michael Digonnet

Advanced fiber optic gyroscopes, fiber hydrophones and microphones, and strain sensors; lasers and particle accelerarators

Optical Sensors, Physical Sensors Aeronautics and Astronautics, Oil and Gas E&P
Dave Donoho Signal Processing, Statistics Communications
Rob Dunbar

Instruments and methods for measurements in marine ecosystems with conservation, climate change, and chemistry

Chemical Sensors, Environmental Sensors Climate Change, Environmental Monitoring, Harsh Environments, Oceans
Rob Dutton

Computer aided bio-sensor design and silicon technolgy modeling for digital and analog circuits

Biomedical Sensors, Electronic Sensors Human Health
Wolf B. Frommer

Develops many biosensors for small molecules such as sugars, as well as hormones, neurotransmitters, and biosensors that measure the activity of proteins in vivo

Biomedical Sensors, Cameras and Imaging Databases Human Health, Microscopy Biosensors
Hector Garcia-Molina

Collection, storage, and analysis of data with applications in web analytics, crowdsourcing, electronic commerce

Algorithms, Databases
Andrea Goldsmith

Techniques, protocols, and designs for future wireless systems and networks including sensors and green networks

Communications Software, Wireless Sensor Networks Communications, Electric Grid
Ronald Hanson

Development of bio and reactive aerosols, propulsion technologies, diode laser sensing technologies with energy and chemical kinetics applications

Chemical Sensors, Optical Sensors, Physical Sensors Environmental Monitoring, Harsh Environments, Industrial Process Control
Jerry Harris

Sensing technolgies for monitoring sequestration of carbon dioxide, acoustical spectrosopy, and optoelectric devices with applications in reservoir management

Chemical Sensors, Optical Sensors, Physical Sensors Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Oil and Gas E&P
Lynn Hildemann

Use of sensors to evaluate the origins and effects of indoor and outdoor airborne particles on human exposure and health

Environmental Sensors Environmental Monitoring, Human Health
Roland Horne

Matching computer models to classes of reservoir responses including tracer analysis of fractures, well test analysis, optimation, and automated history matching with geothermal and petroleum engineering applications

Algorithms, Data Visualization Harsh Environments, Oil and Gas E&P
Mark Horowitz

Sensors with on-board memory, computations, and communcations with applications in bioimaging, biological modeling, computational photography, microfluidics, and smart memories

Communications Hardware, Electronic Sensors Human Health
Roger Howe

Sensors and electromechanical systems that use the control of surface and interface phenomena with applications in energy conversion, biosensors, and nanotechnology

Electronic Sensors, Energy Conversion Devices
Tom Kenny

Design and optimization of micromechanic structures and high performance sensors and timing references through silicon microfabrication techniques

Energy Conversion Devices, Physical Sensors
Oussama Khatib

Autonomous robots, human-centered robotics, human-friendly robot design, dynamic simulations, and haptic interactions

Biomedical Sensors, Cameras and Imaging Algorithms Microscopy Biosensors
Butrus Khuri-Yakub

Micromachined silicon sensors and actuators such as airborne and water immersion ultrasonic transducers, chemical/biological sensors, and in situ sensors for process monitoring and control of integrated circuit manufacturing

Biomedical Sensors, Chemical Sensors, Electronic Sensors Flow Measurement, Industrial Process Control, Ultrasound Imaging
Anne Kiremidjian

Design and implementation of wireless sensor networks for structural damage and health monitoring and algorithms

Physical Sensors Wireless Sensor Networks Structural Health Monitoring
Peter Kitanidis

Develops fast methods for data assimilation and uncertainty quantification

Environmental Sensors, Geophysical Sensing, Hydraulic Sensors Algorithms, Statistics
Rosemary Knight

Developing geophysical imaging techniques for evaluating geophysical processes and resources including groundwater

Chemical Sensors, Geophysical Sensing Algorithms, Image Recognition Fluid Mechanics, Harsh Environments, Hydrology, Oil and Gas E&P
Eric Kool

Creating sensors from synthetically modified DNA to distinguish disease-causing bacteria, environmental contaminants such as metal ions, and organic vapors

Biomedical Sensors, Chemical Sensors, Environmental Sensors Algorithms Environmental Monitoring, Human Health, Medicine
Jeff Koseff

Interaction between physical and biological systems in natural aquatic environments through environmental fluid mechanics and chemical sensing in marine environments

Physical Sensors Oceans
Greg Kovacs

Designs medical devices including physiologic monitors for clinical and aerospace medical applications

Biomedical Sensors Algorithms Communications
Christos Kozyrakis

Focus on the interactions between the hardware and software in computer systems architecture with a focus on parallelism, resource efficiency, and security

Communications Hardware, Electronic Sensors Algorithms, Databases, Security Communications
Eric Lambin

Use of remote sensing techniques and socioeconomic data to model human-environmental interactions and the effect of land change on human and environmental health.

Environmental Sensors, Satellites and Remote Sensing Algorithms, Databases Biodiversity, Environmental Monitoring, Human Behavior, Human Health, Sustainability
Kincho Law

Computing principles and techniques with applications to structural engineering and engineering informatics

Electronic Sensors Algorithms, Databases, Wireless Sensor Networks Information Technology, Smart Buildings, Structural Health Monitoring
Jure Leskovec

Focus on modeling large social and information networks with applications to large scale data, Web, and online media

Algorithms, Databases, Statistics Information Technology
Phil Levis

Developing sensing networks, wireless networks, and physical simulation that connect physical objects to the Internet

Communications Hardware, Electronic Sensors, Physical Sensors Statistics, Wireless Sensor Networks Information Technology, Sustainability
David Lobell

Use of remote sensing, GIS, and climate modeling to assess food security, crop yields, and the environmental consequences of agriculture

Environmental Sensors, Satellites and Remote Sensing Climate Change, Environmental Monitoring, Human Behavior, Sustainability
Dick Luthy

Study of geo-engineering techniques to remove organic contaminants and improve urban water infrastructure and environmental behavior

Chemical Sensors, Environmental Sensors Environmental Monitoring, Hydrology, Oceans, Renewable Energy, Sustainability
Michael Mahoney

Using random algorithms for large matrix operations with applications to genetics and information networks

Algorithms, Data Visualization, Databases, Statistics Aeronautics and Astronautics, Information Technology, Medicine
Ali Mani

Using computation and applied mathematical tools to inform issues of design, optimization, and control of fluids and transport processes

Electronic Sensors Algorithms, Communications Software, Databases, Statistics Energy Storage, Fluid Mechanics
David Mazieres

Computer systems that improve computer security including secure distributed file systems

Electronic Sensors Algorithms, Databases, Security Information Technology
Stephen Monismith

Estuarine hydrodynamics and mixing processes, flows over coral reefs, wind-wave turbulent flow in the ocean, density stratified fluids, and phytoplankton and benthic systems

Environmental Sensors Biodiversity, Environmental Monitoring, Fluid Mechanics and Turbulence, Hydrology, Oceans, Sustainability
Boris Murmann

Design of signal conditioning circuits for sensors, building blocks and data converters for high-speed communication systems, as well as proof-of-concept work for neuro-inspired and information-centric signal processing paradigms

Electronic Sensors Signal Processing Communications
Ada Poon

Using mathematical and electrical engineering concepts with applications to communication systems and biomedical technology and sensors

Biomedical Sensors, Communications Hardware, Electronic Sensors, Physical Sensors Communications Software, Signal Processing, Wireless Sensor Networks Communications, Energy Efficiency, Medicine
Beth Pruitt

Creation of tools and sensors that measure nanoscale mechanical behavior in harsh environments with applications to physiology, biology, stem cells, neuroscience, and cardiology

Biomedical Sensors, Chemical Sensors, Environmental Sensors, Physical Sensors Algorithms, Wireless Sensor Networks Harsh Environments, Human Behavior, Medicine
Ram Rajagopal

Use of demand-side data analytics to integrate and distribute renewable energy systems

Electronic Sensors, Environmental Sensors Algorithms Electric Grid, Energy Storage, Environmental Monitoring, Human Behavior, Sustainability
Juan Santiago

Use of micro and nano scale devices for genetics research and proteomics to develop lab-on-a-chip systems, microfluidics

Biomedical Sensors, Chemical Sensors, Environmental Sensors Algorithms, Image Recognition Environmental Monitoring, Fluid Mechanics and Turbulence, Human Health
Chris Scholin

Development and application of instruments and sensing technology to collect and analyze microorganisms in remote marine environments

Chemical Sensors, Environmental Sensors, Physical Sensors, Robotics Biodiversity, Environmental Monitoring, Harsh Environments, Oceans, Sustainability
Debbie Senesky

Synthesis of micro and nano scale sensing technology that operates and collects data in harsh physical conditions including space and hypersonic aircraft

Electronic Sensors, Satellites and Remote Sensing Aeronautics and Astronautics, Energy Efficiency, Harsh Environments
Olav Solgaard

Micro-optical systems combining photonic crystals, optical meta-materials, silicon photonics, and MEMS, for sensing, imaging, and optical manipulation

Energy Conversion Devices, MEMS, Optical Sensors Optical Fiber, Wireless Sensor Networks Microscopy Biosensors, Renewable Energy
Sindy Tang

Design and development of microfluidics, optofluidics, and micro-devices for lab-on-a-chip systems

Biomedical Sensors, Chemical Sensors, Environmental Sensors, Optical Sensors, Physical Sensors Environmental Monitoring, Fluid Mechanics, Human Health, Medicine, Oil and Gas E&P, Remote/inaccessible areas
Hamdi Tchelepi

Sensing technology to model flow and transport in natural porous media through algorithms and stochastic approaches for quantifying uncertainties

Chemical Sensors, Geophysical Sensing Algorithms, Databases Carbon Capture and Sequestration, Fluid Mechanics, Oil and Gas E&P
Shan Wang

Development and application of magnetic nanotechnology and information storage technology with applications in cell sorting, magnetic nanoparticle, nano-patterning, and spin electronic metals and sensors

Biomedical Sensors, Electronic Sensors, Physical Sensors Algorithms, Wireless Sensor Networks Information Technology, Medicine
Jennifer Widom

Data science technology including graph processing system, and 3X, a software tool that facilitates data visualization and organizes big data

Algorithms, Data Visualization, Databases Information Technology
Howard Zebker

Development of radar remote sensing techiques that faciliate Earth exploration from space, satellite remote sensing, digital signal processing, and propagation

Electronic Sensors, Geophysical Sensing, Satellites and Remote Sensing Wireless Sensor Networks Aeronautics and Astronautics, Environmental Monitoring, Harsh Environments
Xiaolin Zheng

Integration of combustion science with synthesis and high dimensional nanomaterials with applications in energy and environmental issues

Energy Conversion Devices, Environmental Sensors, Physical Sensors Energy Efficiency, Energy Storage, Renewable Energy
Mark Zoback

Understanding and modeing crust stress and mechanics, shale gas, tight gas and tight oil production, and geologic storage of carbon dioxide, and earthquakes

Chemical Sensors, Geophysical Sensing Harsh Environments, Human Behavior, Oil and Gas E&P