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energyCatalyst Grants


By augmenting course curriculum with experts and experiences, TomKat Center for Sustainable Energy’s energyCatalyst Grants aim to cultivate interdisciplinary thinking and introduce sustainable energy concepts and opportunities to Stanford students. TomKat energyCatalyst Grants can be used to subsidize class trips; guest lecturers in a class; and materials for course projects or demonstrations. Examples of successful grant applications might include taking a class on an industry or site tour; inviting an industry expert or guest researcher to give a lecture to a class; or purchasing materials for demonstrating, prototyping or testing technology for a course project. Funding is limited to one grant per course per quarter.


These grants are available to faculty and academic staff members for undergraduate and graduate courses in any department or school. Instructors may apply for up to $1,500 per course per quarter. Approved expenses must adhere to all of Stanford University’s administrative guidelines and policies for payments and reimbursements.


A brief report including how the grant was used and benefited the course must be submitted. Submission of photos and other documentation showing how the grants were used is also encouraged.


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the school year. We encourage applicants to submit for funding during the quarter prior to the relevant course. However, requests can be made at any time during the year. Please allow up to two weeks for the review committee to process your request.

Please submit your completed application to Danica Sarlya at Funds are limited; apply early.

Download Application (pdf)