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Seed Grants

The TomKat Center has funded 21 early stage, exploratory research projects by Stanford faculty in sustainable energy. These "seed grants" can be divided into four aspects of electricity and transportation: generation and conversion; storage, transmission and grid management; energy, food, water and environment nexus; and policy and economics. To learn about the projects, choose a filter below or select "Any" to see the full list of TomKat Center seed grant projects.

Funding Year Research Title Principal Investigators
2014 Economic Assessment of Polygeneration Energy Systems

Stefan Reichelstein, Graduate School of Business; Adam Brandt, Energy Resources Engineering

2012 Reliability vs. Cost Tradeoffs in California Wind Energy Investments

Frank Wolak, Economics; Burton Richter, SLAC

2011 Consuming Renewable Power: Information and Reliability as a Resource

Ram Rajagopal, Civil and Environmental Engineering

2010 Facilitating Renewable Energy in a Wholesale Market by Expanding Transmission

Stephen Boyd, Electrical Engineering; Mark Thurber, Program on Energy and Sustainable Development; Frank Wolak, Economics and PESD