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Forms (Web Forms Service)

Stanford community members can use the Stanford Web Forms service to make contact forms, short surveys and polls, instructor evaluations, and other forms, free of charge. No knowledge of HTML, JavaScript, or SQL is required.

The form building application, called Form Builder, provides a selection of pre-formatted fields and elements, which makes it quick and easy to construct web forms. Data collected through the forms can be emailed to the form owner and/or stored in a MySQL database where it can be viewed through a secure web interface.


  • Easy web-based form building interface that allows you to preview the form as you're designing it.
  • Toggle forms back and forth between published and unpublished state.
  • Interface includes a component that allows you to create one-page surveys.
  • Separate forms management view providing access to all of the forms you have created or to which you have administrator privileges.
  • Locate forms in any AFS location for which you have permission to write files. On a form-by-form basis, share administrator privileges and editing with colleagues and co-workers who have permission to write files in the same AFS space.
  • Forms can be embedded within other web pages.
  • Forms can be protected via WebAuth.
  • Auto-fill Name, Email address and University ID if the form is behind Webauth.
  • Capture SUNet ID (if available) of person filling out the form.
  • Data can be downloaded to CSV or Excel formats for external analysis/processing.

Features are constantly being added. View newly implemented, upcoming or enter your own request for features on the Features page. Alternatively, you can discuss additions to the service on the user mailing list.

Getting started

The Stanford Web Forms Service “Manage Forms” view is accessible directly via

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Last modified September 17, 2013