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Wireless Network and Services

Visitor wireless service now available. See the Access for Stanford Visitors web page for more information.

Wireless access to the university's online resources is widely available across campus, including most academic and administrative buildings.

Available networks

Throughout the main campus, the primary wireless Service Set Identifier (SSID) is listed as "Stanford." This network provides wireless access to faculty, staff, students, and sponsored guests. A low-bandwidth Visitor network is also available. See the Wireless Access for Stanford Visitors page for more information on wireless guest access.

A more secure wireless network is available on campus and uses the "Stanford Secure" SSID.  This network provides encrypted connectivity for wireless users.  "Stanford Secure" requires a  one-time setup to automatically configure your device to use this network.  See the Stanford Secure Wireless page for more information.

Stanford also offers an "eduroam" SSID on the main campus. This network allows visitors from other colleges and universities to connect to it with the credentials of their home institution, provided that their institution also enables eduroam.

Residential Computing provides wireless access in the residences to students who live in the dorms. This network uses the SSID "Stanford Residences."

Getting started

All wireless devices* must first be registered in the Stanford network database (NetDB) before they can connect to SUNet. Note for laptop users: even if you have already registered your laptop's wired Ethernet connection, you must also register your wireless connection.

  • On-campus students should register through the Rescomp Web site.
  • Faculty and staff: contact your LNA (Local Network Administrator) if you are unable to complete your registration thorough the Stanford Network Self-Registration (SNSR) system
  • If you live off-campus or do not know your LNA, call the Stanford IT Service Desk at 5-HELP (650-725-4357).

To register the device, the LNA will need the MAC address of your wireless device (usually printed on a sticker on the device) and, if a laptop, the Host name of your Mac or PC.

*Stanford's Visitor wireless guest network does not require NetDB device registration.

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Last modified January 8, 2016