Vaden Health Center Health Forms

Vaden Health Forms

(Sunet ID and password required)

Required Forms

Before you can be enrolled at Stanford, you must complete these Entrance Medical Requirements:

  1. Consent for Treatment - secure web form to read and submit
  2.  Health History - secure web form that becomes part of your electronic record
  3. Immunizations - print this form and have it completed and signed by a health care provider
  4. Vaden Health Center Notice of Privacy Practices - secure web form to read and submit
  5. Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire - secure web form to read and submit
  6. Tuberculosis Testing - only required if you answered 'yes' to any questions on the Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire - print this form and take to a health care provider to have your testing completed.

Important Note

It is necessary that you, the student, complete your own online health forms. You may not authorize another individual to complete them on your behalf, especially since that would require the disclosure of your SUNet ID password, which is not permitted. You should gather your health and immunization records in advance of starting these forms and review them with family members, but family members may not complete these forms for you.


Be sure to submit your Vaden Health Forms by the appropriate deadline.

Class Year Deadline
Freshmen Tuesday, June 30, 2015
Transfers Friday, July 31, 2015

International students must also complete the forms by these dates, with the exception of the Tuberculosis Testing Form (if applicable) which must be submitted by September 15. A hold may be placed on your ability to register for classes if you do not meet the deadline for your health requirements.

What To Do

  • Gather your health information; medications you take, allergies you have, etc.
  • Review the health history of your family members
  • Complete the Health History Form through the vadenpatient portal. You will need your SUNet ID and password.
  • Complete the Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire
  • Make an appointment with your health care provider to
    • complete the Vaden Immunization Form (no other form will be accepted)
    • complete the Vaden Tuberculosis Testing Form, only required if you answered ‘yes’ to any questions on the Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire
  • Enter the information on your completed Vaden Immunization Form into the immunization section of your electronic health record 
  • Submit your completed Vaden Immunization form and Tuberculosis Testing Form (if applicable) to Vaden Health Center by fax, email (as scanned documents), or postal mail:

Fax: (650) 498-1118


Postal Mail: Vaden Health Center, Attn: Medical Records, 866 Campus Drive, Stanford CA 94305-8580

  • Confirmation of receipt of your document(s) is not possible, however, you can check if your forms have been verified via It may take up to 30 days for the health center staff to verify your information.


Information about the entrance medical requirements, health insurance, and services provided by Vaden Health Center can be found on the Vaden Health Center website, the New Students section and in the Approaching Stanford Guide. If you have any questions about these topics or experience difficulty when completing these online forms, please contact Vaden Health Center directly at (650) 498-2336 or using your Stanford email account (

Need paper forms?

If you cannot submit these forms online and need a paper copy of the entrance medical forms, fax a request to Vaden Health Center at (866) 336-0164 (U.S. only) or (650) 723-1600 (international). Be sure to include your full name and return fax number.

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