Introductory Seminars and Sophomore College

Hume Center Support for IntroSem and Sophomore College Applications

Want to get into a Introductory Seminar or Sophomore College?  Sign up for an application essay tutoring session!

 What Kind of Support Can I Get?

Our tutors work with students at various stages of writing, from getting started and brainstorming to revising and improving the style of the final draft.  We can work with you to:

  • Sharpen your "thesis" (the central reason for why you want to take the IntroSem);
  • Organize and improve the flow of your essay;
  • Make a more compelling case by expanding on points with vivid examples;
  • Include better examples and take away redundant ones; or
  • Tighten your prose and improve your style. 

How Do I Sign Up?

We offer real-time, online tutoring for students applying to Sophomore College March 1-March 16 and in spring quarter starting Wednesday March 30, for appointments and on Sunday, April 3, for drop-in tutoring.

For appointments during the year, click on the "TutorTrac" button to the right.

IntroSem or Sophomore College Questions