Lasers and Accelerators

Physics and applications of photon and charged particle sources including table-top lasers, accelerators, and Linac Coherent Light Source---the world's first x-ray laser.

Precision measurement with lasers including LISA and LIGO; ultrafast laser spectroscopy and ultrafast quantum control; attosecond atom-scale imaging with x-rays; physics of accelerator-based x-ray sources; material structures for lasers and nonlinear optics; nonlinear dynamics and feedback control in particle accelerators and storage rings; spectroscopy at extreme conditions; laser- and plasma-based particle acceleration.

Featured AP Faculty

  • Bucksbuam

    Philip H. Bucksbaum

    I work in many areas of ultrafast laser science and technology, and also work in areas that are related to x-ray free electron laser performance and science applications. The PULSE Institute is devoted to science and applications of these sources an... More >>

  • Byer

    Robert L. Byer

    Lasers and application of laser to precision measurements. We work in LIGO and also in LISA and have a major effort underway to develop a satellite for precision measurements of Michelson Morley and Kennedy Thorndike experiments on orbit using advan... More >>

  • doniach

    Sebastian Doniach

    I am collaborating with John Spence of Arizona state Univ on measurement of correlated scattering using the x-ray laser LCLS to capture enzyme function on micro-second to millisecond time scales. Other people involved include Vijay Pande of Chemistry... More >>

  • Digonnet

    Michel Digonnet

    I am working in collaboration with Bob Byer on the development of Tm-doped mode-locked fiber lasers operating around 2 µm for possible implementation in table-top particle accelerators. The mid-range objective is to demonstrate frequency-stable puls... More >>

  • Fejer

    Martin M. Fejer

    Nonlinear optical materials and devices. Guided wave optics. Microstructured ferroelectrics and semiconductors. Photorefractive phenomena. Optical characterization of materials and material synthesis processes. More >>

  • zhirong

    Zhirong Huang

    My research interests include high-brightness electron and photon beams, x-ray free-electron lasers and applications, advanced acceleration and radiation generation concepts. The understanding and exploration of how relativisitcs particles radiate an... More >>

  • kasevich

    Mark A. Kasevich

    Ultrastable lasers. Ultrafast electron sources. More >>

  • Reis

    David A. Reis

    My group makes extensive use of ultrafast lasers and optics and accelerator sources of x-rays in our research. More >>

  • zxshenphoto-Nov 10 - 2011

    Zhi-Xun Shen

    Develop and optimize synchrotron radiation based photoemission experiments - both spin integrated and spin resolved spectroscopy. Development of laser capabilities to enable condensed matter physics experiments---examples include time resolved photo... More >>

  • Vuckovic

    Jelena Vuckovic

    Nanocavity lasers and laser arrays More >>

Additional Stanford/SLAC Faculty

  • Fox

    John D. Fox

    Accelerator Physics, beam instrumentation, RF technology, high speed circuits, signal processing systems and laboratory measurement techniques. Dynamics of particle beams, control of unstable systems via feedback techniques. Our group has an interd... More >>

  • tor-raubenheimer

    Tor O. Raubenheimer

    My research is focused in two areas: the creation of compact accelerators for science, medicine and industry and study of high brightness electron and x-ray sources. The former consists of parallel development of high gradient microwave accelerators... More >>

  • ruth

    Ronald D. Ruth

    I currently perform research on the physics of free electron lasers, particle beam dynamics and high power RF devices. I am presently teaching Introduction to Accelerator Physics, and other courses which I may offer over the next couple of years inc... More >>

  • tantawi-bw

    Sami Tantawi

    Our group is exploring the possibility of boosting the useable acceleration gradients for both normal conducting and superconducting linear accelerators (linacs). Our effort includes the development of linacs and associated technologies such as nove... More >>

  • DanielPalanker

    Daniel Palanker

    Our research is focused on interactions of pulsed electric field and light with biological cells and tissues. In optical domain we study laser-tissue interactions and develop their biomedical (primarily ophthalmic) applications. The research themes i... More >>

  • himel

    Thomas M. Himel

    My work on particle accelerators follows three major themes. 1. Feedback systems used to stabilize and control the beam. 2. Developing the control systems used to run the accelerators. 3. Looking system issues of current or proposed accelerators such... More >>

  • Chao_small

    Alexander W. Chao

    Physics of lasers and acceleartors, dynamics of photons and charged particles and their interactions, high intensity effects, free electron lasers, various types of accelerator designs and frontier applications. More >>

  • Block

    Steven M. Block

    The Block lab, which carries out research in the area of single molecule biophysics, explores the nanoscience of life. Nature’s own nanoscale machines, which include proteins and nucleic acids, are complex macromolecules that are exquisitely ‘de... More >>

  • mao-photo

    Wendy L. Mao

    We are interested in using ultrafast laser and x-ray techniques to study dynamics in systems at extreme conditions. More >>


    Benjamin Lev

    Applications of high power and narrow linewidth lasers for the cooling, trapping, and spectroscopy of exotic atoms. Applications of frequency stabilized multimode resonators to the study of quantum soft matter in many body cavity QED. Laser trappin... More >>

  • Heinz Mar 2014 final__

    Tony Heinz

    We are interested in development of new spectroscopic capabilities based nonlinear optics and ultrafast pulses of coherent radiation. A topic of particular focus is the method of terahertz (THz) time-domain spectroscopy. In this technique, ultrafas... More >>

Recent Graduates

  • TE11

    Kung, Pam

    Dissertation: Generation & characterization of sub-picosecond electron bunches

  • Waldman, Sam

    Dissertation: Single Ion Trapping for the Enriched Xenon Observatory

  • ThomasRichardA_2010-0626.
  • TreyGordon

    Gordon, Trey

    Dissertation: Time-Gated Imaging Using An Ultra-short pulse, Laser-Produced-Plasma X-ray Source

  • BiancaKeeler

    Keeler, Bianca

    Dissertation: Wavelength Division Multiplexed Optical Interconnects Using Short Pulses

  • Lloyd Lacomb

    LaComb, Lloyd

    Dissertation: Foundations of millimeter-wave frequency acoustic spectroscopy

  • McGuinness, Christopher

    Dissertation: Particle Accelerator on a Chip: Fabrication and Characterization of a Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Accelertor

  • RichardThomas_BNL_March-1988_sm
  • Lewellen, John

    Dissertation: Thermionic Cathode RF Guns for Compact Free Electron Lasers

  • JohnBjorkholm

    Bjorkholm, John E.

    Dissertation: Measurement of several optical nonlinearities using focused Gaussian laser beams

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