and Quantum Engineering

Atoms, molecules, and fabricated nanostructures---fundamental principles of functional nanoscale systems from quantum to bio; nano measurement and control.

Characterization and modeling of nanoscale phenomena in physical systems ranging from polymerase to graphene; nanoscale probes and imaging; quantum measurement and control; applications of atom interferometry and quantum degenerate gases; principles and applications of nanoelectronics and nanophotonics; quantum information science; statistical physics of nanoscale systems.

Featured AP Faculty

  • Yamamoto

    Yoshihisa Yamamoto

    Optically controlled electron spins for fault-tolerant quantum computing architecture. Ultra-fast single qubit and two qubit gates based on semiconductor microcavity quantum dots and broadband optical pulses. Decoherence time increased by optical sp... More >>

  • Vuckovic

    Jelena Vuckovic

    Quantum optics, cavity QED, and quantum information processing with quantum dots in nanocavities; Single quantum dot switches and modulators; Active III-V devices (modulators, solar cells, lasers); Active silicon nanophotonics; Nanometallics; Inverse... More >>

  • Amir Safavi-Naeini

    Amir Safavi-Naeini

    We study the optical, electronic, and mechanical properties of nano- fabricated devices and systems in the quantum regime. Quantum-engineered devices are now at the cusp of achieving rudimentary but real quantum power. However, these quantum technol... More >>

  • Mabuchi

    Hideo Mabuchi

    Experimental and theoretical approaches to complex problems at the interface of non-equilibrium quantum statistical mechanics with dynamical systems, estimation and control: real-time quantum feedback control, quantum information science, nanophotoni... More >>

  • Miller

    David A. B. Miller

    David Miller works primarily in novel devices and device physics in optics and optoelectronics for information processing. Quantum confinement in semiconductor nanostructures allows us to engineer new kinds of efficient and compact optoelectronic dev... More >>

  • Moler

    Kathryn A. Moler

    My group and I develop nanomagnetic probes for fundamental studies in experimental condensed matter physics. More >>


    Benjamin Lev

    Development of hybrid quantum circuits involving ultracold gases of highly magnetic atoms for quantum information networks. Development of novel atom chip microtraps of dysprosium for scaleable quantum memory directly interfaced with technologicall... More >>

  • kasevich

    Mark A. Kasevich

    Quantum metrology and atom interferometry. More >>

  • aknew

    Aharon Kapitulnik

    Micro- and Nano- Mechanical devices; Tests of gravity at sub-mm length scales; Casimir forces at macroscopic lengths. Magneto-optics and near-field magneto-optics. More >>

  • Hesselink

    Lambertus Hesselink

    Professor Hesselink's research encompasses fundamental research on optics, photonics and optical materials guided by significant applications. We are focusing on ultra-high performance nano-photonics devices based on a new class of nano-apertures t... More >>

  • Harold010605

    Harold Y. Hwang

    Materials physics: Probing correlated electrons at artificial interfaces and in confined systems; Atomic scale synthesis and control of complex oxide heterostructures; Low-dimensional superconductivity; Novel devices based on interface states in oxid... More >>

  • HarrisStephen

    Stephen E. Harris

    My present projects are directed at 1) The observation and understanding of parametric down conversion at x-ray wavelengths, and 2) the development of a practical source of temporally long, visible-range, biphotons. More >>

  • GoldhaberGordon

    David Goldhaber-Gordon

    In order to perform condensed matter physics experiments, the Goldhaber-Gordon lab fabricates nanoscale devices using a variety of novel materials and seeks to perform "quantum engineering" to determine the parameters for our experimental systems. Fo... More >>

  • Heinz Mar 2014 final__

    Tony Heinz

    We are pursuing research into the electronic and optical properties of a range of nanoscale systems, including zero-dimensional quantum dots, one-dimensional carbon nanotubes, and particularly two-dimensional layers and heterostructures. We are curr... More >>

  • shanhuifan

    Shanhui Fan

    My research interests lie in the study of basic physics properties of nanophotonic structures including photonic crystals, meta-materials and plasmonic structures. There is a significant emphasis on developing advanced computational techniques in ord... More >>

  • Fejer

    Martin M. Fejer

    Nonlinear optical materials and devices. Guided wave optics. Microstructured ferroelectrics and semiconductors. Photorefractive phenomena. Optical characterization of materials and material synthesis processes. More >>

  • Digonnet

    Michel Digonnet

    My research activities center mostly on advanced fiber-based sensors, in particular fiber optic gyroscopes, fiber hydrophones and microphones, and strain sensors. The primary aim in the area of gyroscopes is to develop radically new approaches to imp... More >>

  • doniach

    Sebastian Doniach

    My group is working as part of a consortium with Sarah Heilshorn (MSE) Nick Melosh (MSE) and Andy Spakowitz (Chem Eng) on self-assembly of nano structures from the natural protein clathrin to act as templates for metallization. These could potential... More >>

  • Block

    Steven M. Block

    The Block lab, which carries out research in the area of single molecule biophysics, explores the nanoscience of life. Nature’s own nanoscale machines, which include proteins and nucleic acids, are complex macromolecules that are exquisitely ‘de... More >>

  • Bucksbuam

    Philip H. Bucksbaum

    One of my principal research themes is ultrafast quantum control. This is the engineering of electromagnetic fields to guide quantum evolution in atomic, molecular, and chemical systems. I have taught, and would like to teach again, an advanced gra... More >>

  • brongersma

Additional Stanford/SLAC Faculty

  • Beausoleil-tb

    Raymond G. Beausoleil

    The goal of our Large-Scale Integrated Photonics Group research program at HP Laboratories is to build upon many of the breakthroughs made under our prior work in optics to accelerate developments in photonic integrated circuits for high-performance ... More >>

  • rugar

    Daniel Rugar

    My group develops advanced concepts in scanning probe microscopy. One project is focused on pushing magnetic resonance imaging into the nanoscale regime using ultrasensitive (attonewton) force detection techniques. Another project is investigating ni... More >>

  • reed_evan

    Evan J. Reed

    We are engaged in theory and modeling for ultrafast science, photonics, electronics, and materials under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. Recent research topics include shock and other forms of dynamic compression of materials, ultraf... More >>

  • manoharan_hari

    Hari Manoharan

    My research program seeks to apply the "bottom-up" approach of atomic and molecular manipulation to a variety of outstanding problems in science and technology. The effort is interdisciplinary in nature, centering on physics and engineering but invo... More >>

  • qi-biophoto-sm

    Xiao-Liang Qi

    Quantum entanglement is the unique feature of quantum mechanics, which is essential for quantum information and quantum computation. The understanding of quantum entanglement provides a new probe to the physical properties of the many-body systems co... More >>

  • OlavSolgaard

    Olav Solgaard

    Time-Resolved Tapping Force Near-Field Microscopy - The interaction forces between the tip and sample in Atomic Force Microscopes (AFMs) operated in tapping mode contain information about the topography as well as the chemical and mechanical properti... More >>

  • mmcgehee

    Michael D. McGehee

    We research molecular solar cells. Many of these cells have nanostructure that determines much of their performance. Our research is broad and focuses on understanding the physics behind these devices, engineering better solar cells, and investigatin... More >>

  • 20081206-024_lab_headonly

    W. E. Moerner

    We optically probe single copies of fluorescent molecules in solution and in living cells, one at a time, with a combination of single-fluorophore labeling, active-control superresolution microscopy, stimulated emission depletion microscopy, FRET/pol... More >>

  • Beasley

    Malcolm R. Beasley

    The study of quantum transport in natural (single molecules and nanotubes) and synthetic (lithographic) nano-sturctures is a well established field. By comparison, the study of local quantum transport in macroscopic systems is largely uncharted te... More >>

  • YuriSuzuki

    Yuri Suzuki

    My group exploits atomically precise control of thin film materials synthesis and novel patterning techniques to fabricate nanostructures of correlated electron materials. Through these model systems, we develop a fundamental understanding of their b... More >>

  • zxshenphoto-Nov 10 - 2011

    Zhi-Xun Shen

    Devepment of AFM-based near field microwave microscopy that enables measurement of electrical properties with 50nm or better resolution--- to study physics and material science problems of mesoscopic length scale, such as metal-insulator transition w... More >>

  • mao-photo

    Wendy L. Mao

    Our group is looking at the effect of pressure on nanostructured materials in particular Li battery compounds. More >>

  • WillGreenleaf

    William Greenleaf

    As a natural extension of our interest in individual cells and molecules, we are motivated to adapt and develop methods that allow manipulation, observation, and quantification of very small amounts of biomaterials through the use of microfluidic de... More >>

Recent Graduates

  • manalis_pic

    Manalis, Scott

    Dissertation: Optical detection for micromechanical cantilever arrays

  • IMG_8156_cropped_color

    Scaccabarozzi, Luigi

    Dissertation: Aluminum Gallium Arsenide/Aluminum Oxide-Based Submicron Waveguides and Resonant Cavities for Non-Linear Optics

  • Eastlake

    Lu, Mingwu

    Dissertation: Quantum Bose and Fermi Gases of Dysprosium: Production and Initial Study

  • BiancaKeeler

    Keeler, Bianca

    Dissertation: Wavelength Division Multiplexed Optical Interconnects Using Short Pulses

  • SuchitraS_HS_038_LowRes

    Sebastian, Suchitra

    Dissertation: Bose-Einstein Condensation in Spin Dimer Compounds

  • jason_pelc

    Pelc, Jason

    Dissertation: Frequency Conversion of Single Photons: Physics, Devices, and Applications

  • McGuinness, Christopher

    Dissertation: Particle Accelerator on a Chip: Fabrication and Characterization of a Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystal Accelertor

  • eric hoke

    Hoke, Eric

    Dissertation: Factors that Influence the Open Circuit Voltage and Stability of Polymer: Fullerene Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cells

  • jongmin_lee

    Lee, Jongmin

    Dissertation: Collective Atom-Cavity Interactions in a High Finesse Dual-wavelength Cavity


    Jun, Young Chul

    Dissertation: Plasmonic Control of Light Emission: Tailoring Light Emission Properties with Metal Nanostructures

  • Kinkhabwala, Anika

    Dissertation: Coupling Fluorophores to Nanophotonic Structures

  • AndreFaraon

    Faraon, Andrei

    Dissertation: Locally Controlled Photonic Crystal Devices with Coupled Quantum Dots: Physics and Applications

  • MichaelJura

    Jura, Michael

    Dissertation: Imaging Electron Flow, Interference, and Interactions in High-Mobility Two-Dimensional Electron Gases

  • JohnBjorkholm

    Bjorkholm, John E.

    Dissertation: Measurement of several optical nonlinearities using focused Gaussian laser beams

  • Hicks_smallPhoto

    Hicks, Clifford W.

    Dissertation: Scanning SQUID Microscopy on Iron-Pnicide & Time-Reversal-Symmetry-Breaking Superconductors

  • YuZongfu

    Yu, Zongfu

    Dissertation: Dynamic Structures to Control the Flow of Light On-Chip: Optical Isolation, Loss Suppression & Tunable Resonance

  • nano_david_press

    Press, David

    Dissertation: Quantum Dot Spins and Microcavities for Quantum Information Processing

  • 79_033 zoomed compressed

    Cizek, Nick

    Dissertation: Interplay of Attractive Interactions and Trap Anisotropy in Bose-Einstein Condensates

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