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Making Encrypted Databases in OsiriX

Sparse Bundle Disk Images are great - they grow according to how much data they contain, and can be backed up efficiently with incremental backups (rsync, SuperDuper, etc) when you change them. They can also be encrypted, which is very useful for storing confidential information. This page describes the procedure for making databases in OsiriX on an encrypted Sparse Bundle Disk Image.

1) Open the Disk Utility application (Applications->Utilities)

2) Select File->New->Blank Disk Image...


3) Fill out the dialog as shown, choosing a location, and name to save the disk bundle, as well as a name for the mounted volume. Note that the size you choose should be the maximum size of the sparse bundle disk image, so make it big! Select "create" when done.


4) Choose a password. Make it strong! Make sure to uncheck "Remember my password."

5) You can now mount the volume by double-clicking on the Encrypted-Databases.sparsebundle (on desktop) and "eject" it in the finder to unmount it.

6) To create a new database, first make a folder on the encrypted volume in the finder.


7) In OsiriX, select a File->New Database Folder... and select the folder you just made.


8) You can now select the database on the left of OsiriX. You can drag images/studies to the new database from the default database. You do have to delete them from the default database afterward though. If you don't have the list of databases on the left, select "Albums & Sources" from the toolbar or


8) If you ever want to remove the database from the listing, you go into OsiriX Preferences-> Locations. You can highlight the database and hit Delete.


9) Note that you should eject the encrypted disk when not in use to protect your data.

Please send questions/comments to Brian (bah@stanford.edu) Notes:

  • Sparse bundles will grow as you add files, but will not shrink unless you actively shrink them. To do this, eject the disk bundle, and run the follwing: hdiutil compact path/to/sparsebundle
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