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Go Extinct!

Ariel Marcy, a former undergraduate with Liz, was recently profiled in Science for her work on creating science education games that teach key evolutionary principles! Inspired by Liz's outreach work, Ariel developed Go Extinct!, a fun, interactive game that teaches students about phylogenetic trees and evolutionary relationships. (Read profile)

Story Map

Liz, Alexis, and others recently launched a website and set of interactive online maps detailing localized impacts of climate and other global changes across the United States. The project, “Mapping Global Change,” is an effort to help the American public and policymakers understand the effects of changing climate... (...continue reading press release...)


Katie has just returned from a month of working with pikas at the Minnesota Zoo! There she studied how gene expression changes as these pikas experience varying levels of hypoxia - we're looking forward to seeing her paper out soon!


Kashish Das Shrestha, a visiting scholar in the lab, recently participated as a signatory in a climate change agreement with California Governor Jerry Brown. Kashish was there on behalf of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal, which joined 13 other signatories in endorsing specific measures to help fight climate change. (Read Governor Brown's press release)

Thermal niche predicts habitat loss tolerance

A recent paper by Luke, Liz, and co-author Gretchen Daily reports on the importance of understanding the thermal niche for amphibians and reptiles; such information can help predict species tolerance to habitat loss. (Read more)

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