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Stanford EMIG serves to increase awareness of career options within the specialty of emergency medicine, to facilitate communication and interaction with health care professionals in Emergency Medicine, and to provide clinical experiences that will serve students well as they discover their future careers in medicine.

Specifically, EMIG helps set up mentorship relationships between Stanford EM physicians and students, organizes clinical workshops to supplement procedural and practical learning outside of regular curriculum, and serves as a resource to medical students in their EM residency application. Our planned activities are intended to complement the existing Emergency Medicine curriculum at Stanford.

EMIG also serves as a liaison between the medical students at Stanford University and EMRA, ACEP, and AAEM (Emergency Medicine Residents Association, American College of Emergency Physicians, American Academy of Emergency Medicine).

Events 2012 to 2013


  • The EM App
  • EMIX (Mixer)
  • Why EM / Stories from the Trenches
  • Invite to EM Wednesday Conference & Lunch
  • Ultrasound workshop: Echocardiogram (cosponsored with IMIG)
  • Skills workshop: Trauma Tutorial

  • Choosing a Residency (Mixer)
  • Mentor pairing + Meet & Greet
  • Ultrasound workshop: FAST exam
  • Skills workshop: The ABCs of C/A/P CTs
  • Road to Residency informal dinner (for all years interested in EM)

  • Students/Residents/Faculty BBQ
  • Ultrasound workshop: Procedures
  • Wilderness First Aid Outing
  • Skills workshop: Ace the ECG

  • Surviving Internship (or Clerkships) Panel

  • Mentor Program: EMIG is proud to continue its mentoring program for students interested in Emergency Medicine. We match interested students with both an EM resident and an EM attending physician. The resident is envisioned as the primary mentor/mentee for the med student, with the attending physician being available for advice regarding items like the matching process. It's been amazing to see how excited the residents and faculty are to be involved in this program!

    Wednesday Conferences:
    Wednesdays, 7:30AM, usually LK103. Residents are excused from clinical duties every Wednesday morning to attend 4-hour conferences that follow the core modular curriculum. Lectures, workshops, and board review are conducted by residency faculty, visiting faculty, and residents. Joint lectures with other training programs, such as critical care, surgery, and internal medicine, are also a part of the core curriculum. Grand Rounds (given by outside invited leaders in EM), EM-ICU case conference, Trauma case conference, and Pediatrics case conference are held monthly. Schedule: http://stanford.medhub.com/functions/public/conferences.mh?p=2

    EMIG Listserve: shares important EM news, resources, and events for medical students. Manage your subscriptions here at http://mailman.stanford.edu/mailman/listinfo/emed-interest

    Doing an EM Rotation at Stanford
    On Scheduling Away Rotation
    Choosing an EM Residency
    EM Student Resources and Books


    [This is my group]

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