While graduating students in the Documentary Film Program present a thesis film at the end of the year, the first-year students present a film each quarter, and tonight is the screening of their spring films. Subjects range from a day at the aquarium, parents and children spending quality time at the firing range, fake news, and a time machine. Swipe to see stills from all eight films!

Join us for tonight’s screening at 7:30 at Cubberley Auditorium. Visit to ...learn more.

Images (in order): I Bought a Time Machine by Yeon Park; Labyrinth by Annie Munger; How To Be a Girl by Michelle Mehrtens; "Hello," he lied by Laura Gamse; Sleepwalker by Andrea Yu-Chieh Chung; Father & Gun by Ted Griswold; Look at the Fish by Ashleigh McArthur; On Task by Alex H. Rafi.

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Pigeon Girl by Whitney Legge follows Maryam, a 10-year-old girl with a love that borders on obsession. In this coming-of-age story, she embarks on a mission to protect and save injured pigeons. View the trailer here:

Pigeon Girl is one of eight thesis films produced by graduating MFA students in the Documentary Film Program. Join us for the public screening on Saturday, June 15, at Cubberley Auditorium. Learn more here:…/2019-thesis-documentary-film-scr…

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