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Arro Woftim Eisbackwards
· May 14, 2017
This is to inform that 'arrow of time is backwards'.

Road seen into the distance looks like an arrow. ...
That arrow or passage is the arrow or passage of time.

'Content buds, not blooms. '

/\rrow of time is backwards. Direction is direction of processing.

That arrow is pastwards, looking into the distance inside.
This was to inform, as it was important to share. We were getting the direction wrong, our main mistake. Overall order is always increasing with time. In our mind.
Valuable resources can be saved as a consequence, etc.
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Vicky Zhang
· August 15, 2017
BASES is the most prestigious program I have seen in west coast about entrepreneurship, it gathers the talents across the country to start technology ventures e...very year, if this school gives MBA degree in a sub building, then these patent could worth billions of dollars every year..if Bill Draper is interested to do this, there are going to be 10000 more startup born per year.. See More
Ahms Sha
· August 16, 2017
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Patricia Chan
· June 19, 2017
Very impressive School, and so very blessed that I was given the opportunity to watch my bff daughter, Taylor Nguyen graduate here 2017 ❤️
Brian Helip
· June 20, 2017
Wow, I'm Just finishing up at Santa Monica College as a PTK honor student not that good at math but grate at everything else Wouldn't be cool to transfer to Standard ...
Ken Yang
· January 10, 2017
Beautiful campus and great staff members as well as students, I see a lot of potential in them all. The campus is spectacular and the engineering program is one of the best!
· May 30, 2017
People who make cutting-edge cars with the best passion. May God bless you.
Peggy Stauffer
· May 2, 2017
This was very entertaining and informative for someone in my age group!!
Soma Roy
· December 13, 2016
I live in lndia but my brother lives in California
I want to teach my son from this University in future .He is now 15 yrs old. I want to know about the course and course fees .Have any consideration about money?
Genny Lam
· March 19, 2014
March 19, 2014

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Ihsen Joseph
· May 13, 2017
Special thanks to the professor Sigrid close
Robel Daniel
· April 10, 2017
it's pretty good
Astrid Franchiska
· December 7, 2016
The world needs you to keep innovating. Thank you for your forward thinking.
Olana K Olika
· August 16, 2016
Standford is my love ,it is best university ot technology then my wish is to learning in standford university ples give me chance in this cmopus.
Tim Chu
· June 10, 2016
I graduated class of 82' with Master of Engineering Management degree. Alternate choice for career path with MBA. It opened doors for me with it branded name!
Tanta Alistar
· July 10, 2016
- Stanford is my love, is my dream!
Michael Dan
· July 26, 2014
Stanford is the best place to be in terms of engineering and research.
Cassi Janakos
· January 29, 2014
I love Stanford and the MS&E program! So many interesting people, classes and opportunities.
Jason Doan
· June 6, 2016
Beautiful campus and an amazing University❤️
Maha Yusuf
· June 25, 2015
Full moon rising over the Stanford Engineering Quad. #dayinthelife Video credit: Tamer Shabani, '14, MS '16
Intersections - April 12, 2017
This microscopic guillotine cuts cells in two and helps scientists understand how single cells heal, which could lead to self-healing materials and machines. Our ability to efficiently study cell healing could eventually help scientists understand and treat a variety of human diseases related to cell regeneration, such as cancer and neurodegenerative diseases. Read more: http://stanford.io/2uuxg6U

Rare gems. Food seasonings. Silicon chips. The history of crystallography is endlessly captivating and unexpected.

The crystal growth field has made huge strides in the fields of optics, electronics and biology.

Millions of people sell electricity from their rooftop solar panels back into the power grid, yet the system is highly inefficient. Researchers might have found a solution.

Done right, it becomes possible to save money by creating a largely self-sufficient, local power grid.