Support Entrepreneurial Students

Get involved with the entrepreneurs of the future, connect with current programs, and help us shape our offerings at the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES).

To learn more, or to express interest in the following opportunities, please contact the CES.

Entrepreneurial Advising

Our active advising program engages professionals from the entrepreneurial community who spend anywhere from a few hours to a full day advising students 1-to-1. The initial commitment is only one session, with additional sessions optional. The feedback and enthusiasm from students has been fantastic, and they are highly appreciative of the time and expertise provided by advisors.

Entrepreneurial Summer Program (ESP)

Through the ESP, we provide a matching living allowance to roughly 13% of our MBA1s to work for early-stage companies (with approximately 10 to 50 people) for 8 to 10 weeks during the summer. Our matching living allowance allows startups that could not normally afford to do so to fund an intern. We ask that companies outline the project their interns will work on, and demonstrate a positive commitment to mentoring.

Case Development, In-Class Speakers, and Events

We are always looking for companies willing to be case subjects and company representatives who will act as case protagonists, speakers, or panel participants. We also sometimes need projects that can be incorporated into a class curriculum. Learn about ways to connect with students and faculty and to leverage their expertise.


Faculty occasionally wish to engage with early-stage companies for their research, and it’s possible they will provide personalized analysis and feedback. Let us know if you are willing to have interested faculty contact you.

Class Assignments & Projects

Students often need to observe early-stage startups and/or interview their founders as the basis for class work. Let us know if you are willing to engage with our students.