Small Cells

Cutting-edge technology for 5G and 4G Radio Access Networks (RAN).

Defining next-generation cellular networks.

Improve mobile coverage and increase network capacity with Qualcomm® 5G and 4G RAN platforms. Our leading—and highly differentiated—platforms are the result of applying more than 30 years of mobile expertise to cellular network infrastructure design, enabling our customers to densify their networks and provide connectivity to users worldwide. Qualcomm RAN platforms provide a foundational building block for a new era of connectivity that is reshaping how we work, play, communicate, and live.

Innovation fueled by flexible, scalable, and cost-effective networking technologies

The Qualcomm 5G and 4G RAN platforms are uniquely suited to deliver next-generation indoor and outdoor networks at scale by offering architecture flexibility (scaling to vRAN), power-efficient design (PoE opportunity), and global spectrum band support (including 5G mmWave and sub-6)—all supported by a growing customer base of infrastructure OEMs and operator partners.

5G leadership advantage

From mobile technology to global infrastructure, Qualcomm Technologies is a leading 5G technology advisor and solution provider, working with industry stakeholders spanning standards bodies and governments

Leading-edge cellular

Qualcomm Technologies' cellular technology provides the foundation for flexible, virtualized, scalable, and interoperable cellular network infrastructure.

Architecture flexibility

Our RAN platforms are adaptable for distributed, centralized, and virtualized (vRAN) deployment models, facilitating customer choice and deployments at scale.

Enterprise grade

Qualcomm 5G and 4G RAN platforms offer high performance and reliability while meeting challenging power, cost, and size requirements for indoor deployments.

Scalability and cost

We engineer solutions that allow operators to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively deliver additional network capacity to enhance mobile experiences that support customer retention, market share growth and new revenue generation

Cellular + Wi-Fi convergence

The convergence of cellular and Wi-Fi in a single piece of equipment provides the ability to serve diverse users, applications, and devices, while also providing an increased return on investment in CAPEX (power, backhaul, product, etc.). With powerful platforms delivering the latest in cellular (5G NR) and Wi-Fi (Wi-Fi 6), Qualcomm Technologies is uniquely positioned to deliver on the benefits of this convergence in multi-mode devices.

Cutting edge technology for 5G networks

Sep 30, 2020


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