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Asian American Faculty and Staff

The Stanford community is fortunate to have an active Asian American community at all levels of the institution.


Roughly 21% of the staff employed by the university identify as Asian/Asian American.

Stanford has the following active staff groups.

Asian Staff Forum (ASF)

Asian Staff Forum (ASF) is an informal group of Asian/Pacific/Indian Sub-Continent employees of Stanford University, the Hospital and SLAC. Formed in 1986, ASF seeks to be a vehicle for representing, supporting and promoting the interests of these employees. This is accomplished by sponsoring and funding activities which support the mission of the organization; presenting the concerns of the membership to relevant parties and encouraging appropriate action; developing a supportive network of Asian Americans in the Stanford community; and by participating in the development of a multicultural community at Stanford.

Filipino American Community at Stanford (FACS)

Filipino American Community at Stanford (FACS) is a civic, cultural, educational and nonprofit organization aimed at bringing together the Filipino-Americans in the Stanford Community to promote the Filipino culture and community-building awareness and to support the niversity in realizing its mission. FACS works closely with the Diversity and Access Office, the Pilipino American Student Union (PASU), Bechtel International Center, Asian American Activities Center and other staff forums.


Approximately 16% of faculty are Asian American and the majority are housed in the Medical Center and the School of Engineering.

For more information on faculty and staff diversity, visit Stanford’s Diversity and Access Office website or check out Stanford Facts.