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Human Resources

12.3.11 Violence in the Workplace

2.1.21 Staff Telecommuting

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Like other organizations in Silicon Valley, Stanford thrives on collaboration; sharing information and ideas is the cornerstone of our work in academics, research, and patient care. In the workplace, telecommuting is available for eligible staff employees at the discretion of the department and supervisors. Though telecommuting might be a viable option for some employees, it is not a right; see eligibility criteria for details. Decisions about the suitability of telecommuting are made within the school or business unit where the employee works. When a telecommuting arrangement is agreed to, a formal Telecommuting Agreement must be signed and then renewed annually, and the “SU Work-at-Home Office Safety Checklist” must be completed to ensure the designated workspace meets safety criteria, including an ergonomic assessment.

2.2.11 Violence in the Workplace

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This policy provides guidelines for responding to violence or threats of violence in the workplace, including all University locations.

2.1.14 Senior Staff

2.2.7 Requesting Workplace Accommodations For Employees With Disabilities

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This Guide Memo outlines Stanford University's policies and procedures for employee requests for disability-related accommodations.

2.1.6 Vacations

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This Guide Memo describes University policy and procedures on accrual and use of vacation leave.

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